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i got the results yesturday at 5:30, they rushed them through pathology. they were non-cancerous.

i cried along with my sister who sat there bravely.

now I feel sad though that she still has cancer and I don't. Why did I get spared when my whole family did not?

my relief is dampened by her cancer.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the prayers and positive thoughts and good wishes, I could not make it through one day without you ALL. I love all of you and feel bad that I am posting my good news when some of you are suffering so much with loss and possible loss of loved ones.

Please know that if I could cure cancer for all of you I would. You all mean so much to me and have gotten me through HELL and back over the last 17 months. With mom you got me through, with dad you all held me up and now with my sister you all are carrying me.

I will never be able to say thank you enough each and every one of you.

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I'm so relieved for you. You had me worried! And you know what, never feel bad for feeling good when something good happens to you. You've had so much bad stuff happen, you DESERVE to have something good happen and you should wallow in feeling happy for a change. Bless you.


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Shellie, you don't know how relieved I feel for you.

My biggest fear is that I'll get cancer now. I think it's stupid and a little self-serving of me but it's on my mind. So I at least get all my checkups, mammagrams, skin checks for my melanoma, etc., and try to get peace of mind from that. I almost put off my annual gyn exam which is scheduled for next week because last year this doc fussed at me about my weight but I decided if he did it again this year I'd tell him to live a year with a young husband with cancer, a small child, the stress of a full time job, and see how much time HE could devote to a diet. In other words, it's important but I have bigger fish to fry. So I'm ready for him, but gotta get that pap smear!

so I have a small piece of how you feel. I am SO GLAD you are OK!

Now, hang tough and be there for your sister. She needs you to be strong!

God Bless you my dear,

Karen C.

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I am so happy for you and so glad you are here to support us. I know it must be so painful to you to come here and see more suffering. But there are good things too.

Your sister is pretty unlucky to have cancer, but very lucky to have you beside her.



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Oh Sweetie, I am so happy for you! You may not be able to understand this now, but God has a purpose for all of us. I know it took me a LONG time to figure that one out! :? As much as I hate to see what your sister is going through, I pray she will beat this as well. And she has the BEST sister in the world standing next to her during her journey! God Bless you, and our prayers have been answered. ((((SHELLEY))))))

Love, Hugs, and Support,


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