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Going for Tests!


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OK folks my turn. I have been having bad nightmares and odd little pains here and there in my chest and shoulder, so Doc is being nice and is sending me for cat scans to reassure me. Looking for your prayers and good wishes. I won't have results till next week, and not doing bone scan till tuesday, but glad to be having them as I have been so worried. Need to know if it is back or only in my head!



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Betty, I just want to say this because I probably haven't said it before: I like you alot!

OK, now, guess what - I think your doc rocks! I bet you're OK, but he is kind and understanding to care enough about you. And guess what, if you had something more than aches and pains I'd worry. I think you're going to be OK, but make sure you let us know as soon as you do, OK?

God Bless,

Karen C.

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I am sending best wishes for clean scans, including an empty head, which will be just the right empty after the good news comes back--since all those lingering fears will head out..... (lots of puns in that sentence!) Some were intended but others just popped out!



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Hi Betty,

Haven't been on the board for a couple of days. Just wanted you to know you can COUNT ON MY PRAYERS that all is A-OKAY! Love that Doc of yours! What a sweetie!! Peace of mind is sooooo important to us!!!

Love & Hugs and I'm sure your going to hear GOOD NEWS!

Connie B

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