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Learn from Our Mistake


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We made a big mistake insurance-wise when my husband was first diagnosed but didn't realize it until a few weeks ago. My company's open enrollment period was coming up and we decided to switch my husband and the kids onto my insurace. It's an HMO and would take pre-existing conditions, no problem (his is a PPO that stinks). He called the HR person and said he wanted to drop his dependents (we decided he'd have double insurance for awhile). They said sorry you can't make any changes including dropping dependents until open enrollment. According to the policy any changes after his "life changing event" would have had to have been made within 31 days of the event.

So, just a cautionary note to read your policies and handbooks carefully after diagnosis because you may wish to make chages once someone is out of work awhile and you wont' be able to. We now have to pay double until December when they can all be dropped off.

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