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Just another Iressa question


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Funny you just posted that. 2 seconds ago I h ung up with my mom who told me that she feels like a pregnant woman, my dad got fried chicken and she had to go upstairs b/c the smell made her sick.

And Snowflake---remember you said explosive tummy? She called it a sprinter's tummy today. She scared my dad, she said "uh oh" and took off running for the bathroom today

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I was on tarceva ( the sister drug of Iressa) for 17 months and on now on Iressa for almost four months. I have a terrrific appetite although I am also very active. One thing that I found was that I generally felt better overall by drinking lots of fuilds. I try for 64 oz. When I get too busy and lose track and drink less, I seem to have more problems with the diarrehea and some body aches.

Wishing you good luck with the drug.

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As much as I HATE to say this, it's one of those things that needs to be considered. His appetite may be cancer related as well. We do lose our appetite due to the cancer. Not to say it's NOT the Iressa, but it could be other issues as well.

God Bless and Good luck to you and your hubby!

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Last week my husband's appetite was going down hill as everything tasted horrible. He just wasn't interested in eating and drinking. Went to doctor looked into his mouth and he had developed an infection called Thrush. It's a fungal infection that looks like white paint on your tongue. You might check your husband's mouth this could be his problem. Just another idea hope this helps. Carolyn

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Dolly -

My Mom has the same thing, she said she just doesn't feel like eating and usually eats a small breakfast and small dinner but not much more than that. She isn't losing much, if any, weight. Her doc doesn't seem to concerned as long as she doesn't start losing a lot of weight.

Interesting note, mom's oncologist is on the FDA committe that is studying the response to Iressa as well as the side effects. Since she is not to concerned, I try not to let myself be either (try being the key word).

I hope you husband is responding and this proves to be the silver bullet!



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