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The smoking issue rears it's ugly head


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I went to a wake tonight of someone who passed away from LC. I kept hearing everyone talk about smoking...should've would've could've....guilt over not getting that person to quit....they were shocked to hear that people who NEVER smoked get LC too....(And not because of living with smokers or second hand smoke or pollution or asbestoes or putting their mouths on the tail pipe of a big rigg and inhailing) Sorry...got carried away.

Sometimes it's genetic, sometimes- like ALL illnesses- there's no explaination for it at all...but whatever the "reason", if there is one, no one deserves lung cancer...not even smokers who smoke a legal cigarette supported by a government who hid the dangers of smoking for years and still to this day benefits HUGE everytime someone buys a pack of smokes..........


Time to get back on the awareness bandwagon....let life get me busy doing other things, it's time to open my mouth and make more noise.

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What is wrong with people? Why would anyone think that this kind of conversation is acceptable at a wake for a person who has just died of lung cancer? Self righteous people, I guess. I have never been to a wake or funeral of someone who died of lc, but I have been to many wakes and funerals: AIDS, drunk driving, heart attack, etc. NEVER have I heard people blaming anyone for the death of a person, especially not the deceased person--even when it was the person who was drunk and driving. When I read this I just cried. No wake for me. I have too many other things I to be anxious about let alone people talking about me when I am dead in front of my family or within earshot. It just could be possible that I, too, know some "perfect" people, like those you encountered today.

I know it's about the need for education, but it's also about the need for decency.


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I'm sure that all of us have a similar experience: as soon as someone finds out he has lc, question #2 is "well, did he smoke?" I find myself now saying "Steve has lc and he never smoked." I have to question my own motives for automatically responding that way. Is it because I already know what question #2 will be or am I equally guilty of feeling that Steve didn't deserve it because he never smoked. We have always been such an adamant anti-smoking family, that I have had to re-examine my own attitudes. Another lc survivor I became friends with really got me one day when he said, "Joyce, smokers are not criminals." I started to notice my own bias.

There was a big article in our newspaper one day with a big picture of a defiant young smoker blowing smoke into the air with the caption "50 years of Warnings Fail to Deter Smokers." The whole article was a finger shaking at those with lc. My letter to the editor was soon to follow.

I am glad that the new focus of the American Cancer Society on lc will be that NO ONE DESERVES LUNG CANCER. Steve's older brother and sister both smoked until just a few years ago. They don't have lc. Do they deserve it? NO!

I am writing letters when I get a chance. We need to get the word out, just as those fighting AIDS finally made people understand that ANYONE can get it. That is when the funding for AIDS research took off. I think we also need to get the word out to smokers that, while we may be adamantly opposed to smoking, we are with them in the fight that smoking is not a crime punishable by death!

(Sorry so long - just that I have gotten so fed up with question #2 from everyone.)

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I hope I didn't seem too rude to what might have been your friends. I am just kind of appalled at what you reported, especially in light of the fact the govt was able to get a settlement from the tobacco companies and has spent close to nothing helping smokers to quit, on healthcare or on smoking prevention. Sandy S posted an article just a day or so ago about what Illinois is doing with their money.

I am sure if the people at the wake knew they were being thoughtless or rude, they wouldn't have said what they said. It's just so acceptable to blame.....too acceptable.


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This topic never ceases to amaze me. I have never smoked! So the question becomes and…And what? Is it an illicit drug? Who makes money of f of its sale and distribution? Should those that smoke or have smoked be held to a higher standard of correctness? Don’t get me wrong; I’m not defending smoking. The hypocrisy that surrounds this specific cancer is just over the top!

So what about those that eat, drink or make merry to excess? How about breast Cancer; a hundred years ago it was considered an old woman’s disease! Now! Statistics say that 1 in 3 of us will live with cancer!

One of the best studies to date on smoking and cancer:

http://bmj.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/ ... /7455/1519

Background info:

I am the primary care giver to our mother:

dx 03/04 NSCLC stage iv (liver mets no other involvement)

Currently (07/04) condition stable.

34 year survivor of ovarian cancer!

She is an ex-smoker (10yrs) but her pathology indicates a non smokers LC – go figure! Even the docs are scratching...

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The part that gets me the most is the govt not doing much with the settlement money they recieved. Shouldnt the people actually harmed by tobacco get it, or shoudnt they put it to use by helping people who want to quit. I dont really know many smokers who dont want to quit or havent tried... I also dont think that anyone deserves this disease for any reason. And, I too am tired of question #2.

A really good website to go to for information on some of the secrets big tobacco hides is www.thetruth.com


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