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Had PCI and STILL got brain mets!!!

Remembering Dave

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Ok, this is Karen, and this is sort of an addendum post to Dave's bad MRI post, but for pete's sake, Dave had PCI last September, and he STILL got brain mets? What up with THAT????

We will know more about where they are, etc., on Wednesday when we see the oncologist in person, I think some cancer cells just showed up after the PCI. And maybe, just maybe, there would have been more of them or worse ones or ones that came sooner if he hadn't had the PCI?

Anyone know of a similiar happening?


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Oh Karen and David.

I am simply at a loss for words over this down time again. I am hoping that the gammy knife will be the road to take and those two little B--tards will learn a hard lesson as well as any other losers that may be hiding in there.

You WILL overcome this and we WILL be celebrating remission again with you.

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Hi Karen, my dad was the one who had PCI but still had brain mets afterwards. I asked the oncologist and he replied me PCI would minimize the chances but not 100% assured. So, well........speechless........then I just think, should Limited stage person have PCI ? I have queries now.

If brain mets is a must to come no matter what stage while being diagnosied, then I will chose not to do PCI as a preventative treatment.

No matter what, Karen, pls know that I am here to support you and Dave. Help Dave fighting.

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David & Karen,

I have trouble getting time to come to the board often enough, so just saw your post about the brain mets. I just want to scream about this. Those $#@^% brain mets. They just don't give ya a break. Just when you think you've got a handle on things, someone raises the bar. Get LOTS of info and maybe talk with a neurosurgeon. We had two "camps" going in the WBR vs. Gamma Knife issue and they were 180degrees apart. Although Steve was forced into WBR eventually by the army of lesions (15), it has taken a huge toll. Prayers for strength and guidance coming your way.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Karen, Yes - sorry - I have heard of that. In discussing the option of PCI, I asked my radiation oncologist about that chance and he admitted it did happen. He then said if I did get mets after PCI, they could do stereotactic radiation. I never had PCI as they re-dx me with NSCLC and basically said they don't do PCI with that dx. I'm VERY sorry to hear David is going through this. I'm thinking that if he didn't have PCI, there would be more lesions so maybe it helped some. I will keep you and David and your darling daughter in my prayers.


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