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mom is not good today


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just venting here so bear with me.

Mom has not had a good week. She now has a bronchitis like infection. She is on antiobiotics for it and she is soooo weak.

Its also the first week post head radiation and her hands still shake allot. Its also her first week post steroids and her appetite has vanished. She has chemo next week again and I am not sure she can make it through it. She cant leave the house without a wheelchair because she is so weak. She cries allot now and when I ask her whats wrong she just says she is sick of feeling this wasy, and I am paralized with fear that she is so sick of how treatment makes her feet that she may stop treatment.

She has NO energy at all, she is weak and wont eat I am starting...no I am all the way in the depression and mourning hole again. She is coughing so much from the bronchitis and I am crippled thinking the cancer is running wild around her system. I cant do anything to help her which makes me feel absolutely useless as a daughter. This is absolutely the worst thing in the world watching someone suffer and not being able to do a damn thing.

A so called friend told me yesturday "One way or the other you know its gonna end" I know they didn't mean it the way I took it but all I did last night was bawl and I feel sick to my stomach thinking that my mom probably wont be here this time next year.

God I cant take any more of this...


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Guest DaveG


The treatments are not what causes the problems. Good cells, in addition to bad cells, are killed as well from the treatments. It is when we lose good cells that we run into problems. (As you know I am undergoing chemo as well.)

If your mother's doctor is anything like mine, she is constantly getting blood test after blood test. (My last blood test showed I was anemic and had to have 2 units of whole blood transfused yesterday.)

I have had days, and I am sure it has been the same with your mother, that I haven't been able to get out of the house, let alone get out of bed. It is frustrating when one has been used to being active. I have to take a nap at least once each day and sometimes once in the morning, and again late afternoon. I know this is hard on my wife.

Just continue what you are doing, being there for your mother, but also let her have her space. She has to deal with this too.

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I'm so sorry that your mom is having such a bad week. My mom is also having a very hard time this week and we are very worried about her. It is very hard when you want to do something and you don't know what to do to help them feel better. Lets just hope and pray that next week will be a much better week for our mothers.

God Bless,

Susan M.

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Don't give up yet. I have also had a very rough past few weeks, first I got a horrible intestinal infection and then bronchitis, I know both of these things had nothing to do with the cancer because my husband and my son also got them and they don't have cancer. Needless to say they really ran me down because I am getting chemo so I did not do much at all. Just try and encourage her and hang in there. The crying spells go along with not feeling up to par and being on chemo. I know its hard on you, my daughter cries when she knows I am not feeling well, I have gotten so I try to hide it from her because I don't want to cause her pain but I know its just because she loves me. You sound like a wonderful daughter, try to think positive and you and your mom will be in my prayers

Bess B

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