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The results of my husband's chest CT scan were stable. His last scan was only 6 weeks ago and he's only been on Iressa for 5 weeks, but still we were very happy to hear that word. The liver met is a little smaller and the pericardial effusion is about the same. The Zometa seems to be helping his bones. His shoulder is still feeling ok, too. My husband describes it as "not being 100%", but definitely no pain and he needs no pain medication. He also isn't having any pain in any of the other areas where cancer was detected on the PET Scan. He really is feeling very well right now and will continue with Iressa and Zometa.

The onc was kind of a smart *ss today, but that's for a different discussion. I think he must have pulled an all-nighter at the hospital or something because he didn't seem to have a lot of patience for our questions, which is unusual for him. We see him again in 30 days, but won't schedule another chest CT for 2 or 3 months, depending on how hubby is doing in 30 days. He said we won't schedule another brain MRI unless hubby starts to have symptoms there again. The onc said it was unlikely that anymore treatment could be done to his brain, but we would talk about it if he has trouble there again.

I've been away from the board all week, so I'm going to try to catch up on a few posts. It sounds like there's a lot of good news and a lot of not-so-good news out there.

Love to all,


P.S. I wish I could come to the Michigan party. :cry:

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Stable is good :) I am glad to hear it!

Your onc probably had a bad day. Waiting to hear what he said in another post, but at our last visit we noticed the onc was not in as good of a mood as normal, it was later in the day.

We all have our bad days :) Who cares as long as the treatment and care works ;)

Look forward to hearing more from you

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Dear Peggy,

How I have missed you!! Thank God for the good results of your husbands and that he is feeling good. If he is able, get out and do some of the things he likes to do and enjoy life a little. I am praying for a miracle daily for him. Love to you both and to that not so easy son of yours LOL

God Bless You All,


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Was just about to post to see if anyone had heard from you. Sounds like good news, huh? And no pain is great. Enjoy!!! You both deserve it.

Pls don't spare us the a-hole Dr story. It helps knowing others have assholes (for doctors), too. I see you are practicing usind the word cleanser feature of the board! Good for you!



Apparently the word cleanser feature isn't working any longer.????

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Well, ok, I guess this is as good a place as any to tell the "doctor story".

My husband started this whole ordeal with a very bad headache, which led to the discovery of the brain mets, which led to the discovery of a 6-7 cm. tumor in his left lung, which was biopsied. This was on Aug. 8, 2003.

Well, all the subsequent CT scans have NEVER mentioned the tumor or its size. There are all kind of comments about consolidation, the "a" word for collapse (sorry, I can't remember it), effusions, mid-line shift, liver met, etc., etc., but NOTHING about the original tumor. At one of our meetings, I asked the doctor about the tumor. His answer was "Oh, it has reduced significantly." Again today, the report didn't mention the tumor. I asked him why. I said everyone else I know says their tumor went from 6 cm. to 4.2 or something like that. He seemed irritated with my question. It was at the end of the day, and I'm sure he was tired. He said something about there not being a mass. I said, "Well, there was a 6 cm. mass to start with - how big is it now?" He said, "Who told you that?" I said, "You did". It was in the CT scan done at the hospital. He starts flipping through the chart and can't find it. We told him again, it was in August 2003. Finally, he found the report and said, "Well, I don't think it was a mass, I think it was consolidation." I said, "Well, there was a mass or they biopsied a bunch of consolidation." He said, "What biopsy?" At this point, my husband FINALLY chimes in and says, "Yeah, somebody better have a good reason for sticking that very long needle in my back."

There was a student doctor in with us, and the onc rolls his eyes and says, "Well, let's get the CD back up there." So, out we go to the computer and he's flipping through the pictures and shows us the area where the tumor was - it's just a bunch of streaks now. He said, "Well, we pretty much took care of it - that's all that's left." My husband says, "So, it's gone." The onc says, "Well, no, it's not gone, it's there, but it's all broken up now, and remember, the radiation did most of this, so this doesn't have anything to do with the cancer in the rest of the body."

The whole thing just irritated me. I'm sure he was tired, and I'm sure no changes needed to be made in treatment, but it's my husband's life we're talking about, and I just didn't appreciate the "eye rolling" and sort of implying that I didn't know what I was talking about. I am a very detailed person. You'd better not tell me the size, depth, location or date if you don't want me to know, Buster, because I'm going to remember it. Especially those things that I am incredibly focused on like my husband's lung cancer. Geesh!

I promise you one thing, if he gets flippant like that the next time we go in, I'm going to speak up about it. We've been seeing him for a year, and we both trust him and have had a good relationship with him - BUT - he CAN BE replaced.

Ok. End of story. :P



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Don't get me wrong about the doctor thing. He really is a great doctor and has always made himself available when we needed him. This little incident was just a one-time thing, and I'm thinking it was just because he was having a bad day. I have those, too, so he is forgiven. :D

Also, a couple of people have asked me in PMs about the cancer everywhere else. Like I said, we won't be getting anymore brain MRIs unless he starts to have problems. The tumors are still there, as is the cancer in the bones, but scans for these areas won't be scheduled unless there are problems. The chest ct scans will continue every 2-3 months. We are just continuing to pray that the Iressa and Zometa continue to work.

Lots of love and thanks to everyone,


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Stable and no pain, that is good news. Glad to hear it.

I understand about the medical people - ours are good, too, and caring, but sometimes they seem so tired. It must be a really really hard job physically and emotionally. Sometimes they even make little mistakes but I just remind them. (Mistakes are scarey.) I keep it neutral. I usually give them a list of concerns they can keep and refer to and I am not above calling back however many times, if needed. But we are still pleased with them over all.


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Happy Dance, Happy Dance! Happy all is STABLE!!! That is really GREAT NEWS!!! How do you find the time to always be here for everyone and keep us all up to date on you and your wonderful hubby!

I wish I could type as fast as you do, and I wish I could spend more time here too! Your a Doll! This is not a insult, just an observation! :wink: I'm jealous, I just wish I could do it! :roll:

Congratulations on your WONDERFUL NEWS!!!



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So glad to hear stable and no pain. That is great news. I understand about the doctor visit..but like someone said...they are human and often have very trying days. I hope that you never need another bone scan or brain MRI...which would mean no progression. Keeping you in my prayers.


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