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Hi Friends,

I need to ask for your prayers again for my sweet beloved husband.

Keith is currently in the hospital suffering immense pain, dealing with unimaginable fear, and sadness.

The past week has been one HELL of a roller coaster for us. It started Tuesday. We had a onc. appt to get the results of Keith's recent CT scan and PET/CT Scans. According to the oncologist, there was no change on his scans following 8 weeks of radiation, however, he acknowledged the fact that he felt Keith's tumor type responded slower to radiation than others, and we might see results still in the next few weeks. He said there was good news in that there was no progression in any of the tumor sites, and no new tumors. I was SO happy.

Well, Wednesday, Keith woke up and wasn't feeling so well. He had bad stomach cramps. But, he went to work, assuming it was only cramps from constipation. However, as the day went on, they got worse. By noon, he had to leave work, and went home straight to bed. By 10pm, the pain was so bad that he was writhing and moaning. He was doubled over clutching his stomach and every movement was torture. So, we rushed to emergency. After a battery of tests, they determined that the problem was pancreitis. His pancreas is enlarged and enflamed. This is very serious, as the enzymes produced there can cause the pancreas to "eat" itself and or other organs if the enzymes overflow.

They checked the CT scans from the previuos week, and said they were sure that the inflamation was not cancer related. Whew, Boy did I sigh a big sigh of relief (we both did). They did an ultrasound and determined that there was no other problem or cause they could see for the pancreitis. They finally ran an abdominal CT again on Friday, and about an hour after the CT scan was taken, we were told they saw a vague mass in his pancreas that is possibly blocking the exit duck of the organ. They are now fairly sure it IS the cancer. :cry::cry:

So, Keith is in the hospital, he has been prohibited from eating or drinking since Wed. He is scheduled for an Endoscopy on Monday to go look in the pancreas and take a biobsy of that.

I ask all of you, to please pray that this is something ANYTHING other than progression of the cancer. Please allow this to be something cureable, so that they can releive him of this terrible pain.

Thank you friends.


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I can't stand this damn disease and what it does to us all. I pray the Drs were right the first time, and this is not cancer. I pray it loud and clear. I pray God helps us find a cure to end this suffering for us all.

I pray for strength for us all in the meantime.

Love to you both


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Oh, no. Carleen, this is just heartbreaking. Keith has been doing so well, and now this. I'm sure you are filled with fear and worry and I am asking God to send you His strength and to remove your fear. Is his pain under control now? My son has had two attacks of pancreatitis (not cancer related) and has been hospitalized both times. It is excruciatingly painful. I pray that Keith's pain is gone.

Much love and prayers coming your way.



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I hate it so badly that Keith is suffering so. I will keep you both in my prayers. Pancreatitis causes horrible pain. I have known a few people that have suffered with it and they all describe it as "hell of earth". I hope they find that they can open the opening easily and that it is not cancer related.


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Thank you All,

You always offer me such comfort. Now, after 4 days in the hospital, Keith has found some relief from the pain. We've been fighting with the nurses for days trying to get them to up his medications to get his pain in control, but they were too afraid to give him a higher dosage because a nurse had seen that Keith's breathing while asleep was not even. He's had sleep apnea for the past year from the pain meds, but the nurse thought it was from the morphine. So, she reported that he wasn't tolerating it well. Finally after all this time we were able to convince them to get his pain to a manageable level. It just means he has to have an oxygen monitor on his finger while sleeping. Gee, couldn't we have figured that out after the first day?

I am so thankful for all your prayers. I know they will make a difference.

Thank you, and much love to you all


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Dearest Carleen,

((((Hugs)))) I am so sorry to hear about Keith's pain and the roller coaster ride you both are enduring. Please know you are always in my thoughts and even more so as I wish for good results on the upcoming biopsy. I wish I could take away your pain and fear. Please PM if you need to talk.


Andrea B.

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