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Maybe SURGERY afterall!!!


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My mom received news that we never thought we would hear!! We are being cautiously optimistic

7/13/2004- Received results of CT scan of chest and abdominals- tumor shrunk 25% and abs CLEAR! NO METS anywhere! Nodes clear. Weight is great and so is breathing! Still inoperable. Starting Carboplatin/Taxatere every three weeks for nine weeks. Getting 2nd opinion later in the week.

7/15/2004- Went for 2nd opinion- Stop the presses!! This oncologist says SURGERY may be POSSIBLE!!! Said her IIIB is not the worst there is and because her overall health is so good, we have a shot. She is meeting w/ Thoracic Surgeon 7/20/2004!! May be have to get mediastinoscopy. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!!

Kelly :D

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Yes! Great news. There are several of us who started at the III's went on to have surgery and are surviving! Please would love to have your Mom join us. Keep us posted. Donna G

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I have the same situation (with a few differences), and my dad was told from the beggining that he wasnt operable (stage 3b). He had his surgery at the end of last month! I so understand how happy and excited you are also the being cautious part. Ive been there! As always...feel free to PM me if you need!


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