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Guest waiting_wondering

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Guest waiting_wondering

Just had first CT scan after radiation and now they tell me that my adrenal gland on right side is enlarged with central necrosis. Oct 03 was 1.5 x .7 scan in July 12,2004 3.3 x 1.2. :oops: Radiologist said that if I hadn't had history of Lung CA she would call it an adenoma. So the CT guided biopsy is scheduled for next week. I'm worried of course, has anyone been in this situation before? If so please tell me what I can expect if the big C has reared its ugly again. Thanks for any input.

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I haven't been in your situation, but I keep tabs on the early stage postings so I can be informed about what others are have happening and offer support if I'm able. Do I take it they did no chemo - radiation only? Just thought if they restaged you after surgery (lymph involvement? that's what happened to me) maybe they would have suggested chemo to take care of any errant cells floating around. That's what they did in my case - radiation directed at the node that lit up on the PET scan, but chemo in case cancer was floating around looking for somewhere else to take root - such as adrenals..... currently I've had 3 chemo treatments out of 6 planned. I'm curious what they advised you.

Also, I'd still keep hoping that even tho you have the lc history, that doesn't mean your adrenal can't have adenoma or anything else someone without our history could have. It could still be nothing to worry about, and that's what I'll keep praying and sending positive thoughts out into the universe for you. Please come back and let me know what the biopsy shows.

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I don't really have any answers for you but wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you this week. There have been alot of tests done to members here and I would say that they have come back negative more times than positive. And I know the waiting is tough- I think everyone on here can relate to that!!

Good luck this week. Please continue posting and keep us updated on your results....

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Been there - done that - and it was negative! So take it easy.

I WILL say that it "ached" for longer than I expected after the biopsy. Even though I did go to work the day after, I was uncomfotable all day.

Praying for negative results,


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What I can tell you is that doctors always seem more willing assume that it is the same cancer than something you have in addition or seperate from the cancer. And that is not always correct.

My husband and I went under the assumption for a year that he had four lesions in his liver. However, last Nov. he had a liver biopsy, which did find one lesion (which was removed in the biopsy) but the other spots were benign cysts.

At this time, we are in the hospital working under the assumption that pain and problems he's been having with his pancreas is spread of his cancer. However, I still am praying that his endoscopy on Monday will show that it is something else.

I will say prayers for you, and hope that your tests come out negative.


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Guest waiting_wondering

I can't remember who asked about lymph node involvement but there was none. All 8 that were tested pre op and during operation came back negative. The reason I was upstaged is because there was mediastinum involvement. He cleaned up as much as he could but the margins were too close to the vena cava so he took what he could. The rad onc had a board review and they decided in my case chemo wouldn't be necessary. And now I have to wait an additional week for the biop because the equipment is down at the hospital. CRAP!! Oh well today is my birthday and I won't dwell on it anymore. I want to enjoy this one as much as I can just in case I won't be around for the next. Thanks for the support and the information. I'll keep you updated.

Take Care and Godspeed To All, Pat

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You're situation is like my mom's

Clinical Stage IA

Pathological Stage IIIA

She had radation and a vaccine trial

Hopefully, as Sandy's was, yours will be negative.

Ray has adrenal mets. Sometimes surgery can be done for isolated adrenal mets. A case below identifies a 9 year survivor. Ray has been around a while so it (the met) is not stopping him

Chest. 1997 Sep;112(3):848-50. Related Articles, Links

Long-term survival after bilateral adrenalectomy for metastatic lung cancer: a case report.

Urschel JD, Finley RK, Takita H.

Department of Thoracic Surgery and Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY 14263-0001, USA.

Selected patients with solitary metastases from non-small cell lung cancer can benefit from an aggressive treatment approach that includes resection of the metastases. This approach has been used for solitary adrenal metastases, but successful long-term treatment of bilateral adrenal metastases has not been previously reported. This is the report of a patient with bilateral adrenal metastases from lung cancer who is disease-free 9 years after bilateral adrenalectomy and chemotherapy. From this evidence, one may hypothesize that adrenal metastases are occasionally lymphatic in origin and that metastases with this route of spread are more amenable to aggressive curative treatment than adrenal metastases of hematogenous origin.

I've always thought it is important to find as much as possible about your exact cancer (mitotic rate, extent of differentiation, is it BAC/carcinoid, etc) Since yours is Adeno - it is possibly Bac or has bac features.

Also researching what trials are available is important, IMO

Praying for a negative biopsy


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