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My daddy has sclc

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My Dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in Jan. He is in Stage 4. He has just completed his series of chemo and has responded so well. He was going to the medical doctor with shortness of breath. After going to a specialist, our whole world crumbled in when he was diagnosed with sclc. We were coming up on the 10th year date that we lost my Mom to the same thing. They had to place him on oxygen immediately and his finger tips had turned blue. He had it in one lung, chest cavity area, liver, etc. To say the least, I have been totally devistated. I was so heartbroken in losing Mom, but now, I am seeing this happening all over again with my Dad.

But, I am so surprised at how well my Dad is reacting to the chemo treatmets and what all has changed in a 10 year period. After 1 chemo treatment, my Dad did not have to wear the oxygen anymore.

He is responding extremely well. His apitite is really good (he is GAINING weight!) after 6 rounds of chemo (3 days each). A month ago, he had a scan and it was showing as resolved however, we know he is not out of the woods. He has went through the last treatments and on the day after Father's Day, he is going for a CT Scan. 3 LONG days after that, we will know the results.

Of course my heart is hurting so bad, but at the same time, I am SO thankful at out well he is responding. It is the unknown that is driving me crazy.

Well, I have been reading the boards some for weeks now and thought I would finally post. I look forward to passing along info, news, etc. with all of you.

Please add us to your prayer list.


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Welcome Becky,

I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that your father seems to be doing so well, and responding to treatment. To be in remission is a truly wonderful thing that we all strive for, and hope lasts forever.

I know exactly what you mean about the heartache and pain involved with waiting on the unknown. My husband and I are currently waiting for our first set of scans since starting chemo. He goes this Friday for the scan (I hope it's a CT scan, but not sure, may be an X-ray), and then we have to wait a torturous 6 days for results. I don't know if it really takes that long for results, or if that is when the doctor had time open for an appointment to talk to us.

I think it's criminal to make us wait this long to see how something as important as our lives are going.

I'm glad you joined us on this site, and decided to post your story. It really helps to alleviate some of the fear and anxiety to share with others, and know you are not alone in this. There is also a lot of valuable information here, a lot of support and caring, a lot of loving people who are here to help when they can.

Please keep sharing with us, and in the mean time, we will continue praying for you.


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