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nodule and hilar involvement

Guest redhead

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Guest redhead

Hi there,

My husband was just told that he has a nodule in his right lung and his hilar lymphnode is enlarged. Pulmonolgist recommended removal via surgery since nodule is too small to biopsy. He is a non smoker and very healthy. The nodule is spirulated and not calcified.

From the research I've done this doesn't sound good and he probably does have cancer. Any anyone verify this and what should we expect. If he does have his lung removed does he also need chemo? He is with the miltiary and they are taking their time with getting him an appt. to be evaluated for surgery by thoracic surgeon. Should I protest and tell them to hurry. First xray showing nodule was 9 months ago. Retest in May, CT in June, pulmonolgist in July one week ago.


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Hi I can't answer your question, as I have small cell and there is no surgery for that. I did want to welcone you to this site. I am sure others will chime in soon, weekends are a little slow. I think I would protest the lack of progress. LC, even a slow growing one is nothing to mess with. I think it is now fairly common to have chemo after surgery. Any how welcome to our family.



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Welcome Redhead (I'm a redhead too) :)

My husband has the lymphnodes in his mediastanum as well as hilar lymphnodes that are infected. Unfortunately, he is not a candidated for surgery as he has wide spread progression. I would give anything to have that option offered, as surgery offers the best statistics for a cure. Usually surgery isn't offered unless the oncologists feel they can get it ALL.

There are mixed theories on chemo following surgery. Many oncologists do not recommend it because they feel if they got it all in surgery then there is little evidence that chemo has a benefit. However, there are also equal numbers of doctors who feel that it is better to do chemo following surgery to kill off any possible cancer cells that may be floating around but were undetected.

My opinion, is that if it were me, I would want to take EVERY measure offered to further chances for success. But it also depends on how your husband is doing physically following surgery. Chemo is hard, but if he is willing to fight, and if he has you there to help him, it is not impossible.

I will keep you in my prayers.


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Guest redhead

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum and your input. It is so hard right now not knowing whether he has LC or not.

I called the doc this morning and was told that waiting one more month won't hurt since my husband has had this since Oct 03, with no major changes. This waiting is what's driving both of us crazy though.

It is hard to deal with something when you don't know what it is.

Thanks for letting me vent. :?

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