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this may get me in trouble as I am the moderator here

David A

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HA! IT STILL STINKS IN HERE, the morning after... I will commend you though... that was a good one. FYI... I almost sh*t myself when that thing blasted... My puppy jumped too... thanks for scaring the crap out of me...ps... ive passed that along to my friends,,, they think its great!!!


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David, the big ugly dog is my husbands.. her name is Hadies, and shes an English Mastiff/Rottwiler mix... shes very dumb, and lazy. The little adorable puppy is mine.. Biggs and hes a Pug. My husband Steve thinks it would be HILARIOUS to mate these two. The big one hates the little one, and I think its because shes old (gonna be eight) and she dosent want to deal with the pups crap. He messes with her all day long!

Wish I could come to the bash, but we put an 2nd story addition on our house 2 1/2 years ago and were finally gonna be finishing and moving up. We work on it everyday, and we have to get in before fall. We put it up ourselves (my husbands the most capable handyman 26 year old I know), and are doing all the work ourselves, so its taking forever. I would have LOVED to have made it though. Your going I see, party hard for me Kay??


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