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My aunt brought me a magazine article from Mexico. (magazine is "Dia Siete" which is a magazine that comes with the Sunday paper in Mexico) The article is about Escozul. Escozul is a scorpion venom extracted from a blue scorpion found in Cuba. It gives the name of the doctor in Cuba who uses it to treat cancer with success. The doctor's name is Misael Bordier. I tried to find more info on the web but aside from an old article that says they are researching it at the University of Mexico I did not find anything more. I did find posts where other people are trying to find out more about it. If anyone has heard of this or knows more about it please post here. Meanwhile I'll keep checking. I am not to sure about things that sound too good to be true. I am hoping John will have some more info on this. The article gives a web site www.escozul.com but then you are asked to contact someone for more info and before doing that I would like to hear about this Escozul from other sources.



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