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i need a hall pass pleaseeeee


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I am officially requesting a hall pass for thursday thru tuesday (the 22-27th) I am taking my sister and were going camping from thursday to sunday and then monday she is in for her second surgery and I am going to stay in the hospital with her overnight.

so pleaseeeeee can I have one huh, huh, huh?

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Shelly, how awesome, that you and Katie camp together! Any boys going along, or just you girls? do you tent camp or do the RV thing? We used to tent camp until I got old, now we have a travel trailer. haven't been out in it much due to Dave's illness, but it's making a great guest cottage!

Have a great time!

Karen C.

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tent...me.... OH NOOOOO I told the spouse I would go IF here was a private bathroom. So we bought a 30' trailer and I have my own personal potty and shower and a TUB. woo hoo. of course you have to bend your nees to sit in it.

my sister was left a trailer by our parents so she is going in hers with her brude (3 kids, better half and poochy)

me I got me and spouse and Jack, my lop bunny rabbit.

i don't like dirt or bugs

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You two have a wonderful time!! I wish I was going as I love camping!! Hopefully if all goes well with hubby at his ENT appointment tomorrow we will be going camping soon too!! ENJOY,ENJOY and then ENJOY some more. You both deserve it!!

God Bless You Both,


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That sounds like my kind of camping. Do you have a blue recliner? My husband says I won't go any where because I can't take my blue recliner with me. :lol: I hope you all have a great time. You will always remember times like this...family is so important.

Keeping you and katie in my prayers.


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