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Remembering Dave

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Dave saw his ENT doctor this morning for a post-op follow up. Then we decided to go across the street to his radiation oncologist to see what was gonig on with his brain mets plan of attack, since the oncologist's nurse had left a voice mail message yesterday saying he would be seeing the radiation oncologist, so we wanted to know what was going on, the message wasn't very clear.

Anyway, the radiation oncologist looked at the MRI written report and doesn't think there are actually brain mets in there. He thinks they may be talking about part of the sinus bonkitis mets, not actual brain tumors. He is going to get the actual MRI films from the hospital and read them today himself and give Dave a call and let him know what he thinks.

Talking about riding a roller coaster!

What would I do without this board to keep me strapped in?

Karen C.

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OK, the radiation oncologist called Dave just a minute ago and he called me - he looked at the films and said the brain mets are just an extension of the bonkitis mets, pushing into his brain. They're not separate, mean, ugly, scary, brain mets, just part of the mean, ugly, scary bonkitis sinus mets.

He's still got cancer in his head, but at least we're sticking with the status quo!

GOD BLESS US ALL! - do I think prayers worked? I sure do - we put out the prayer call, and God answered by giving us this wonderful new diagnoses!


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OH MY GOD! :shock: I was downstairs for a minute and just missed a phone call, looked at the cell phone and saw it was David or Karen, tried to call back and couldn't get through... So naturally I got right on the boards to see if anything had been posted... First time I had logged on all day. OH MY GOD!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:!::!::!::!:

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All right, you guys!

I kind of learned the same thing today. I was up in Los Angles for two days with two oncologists and both came to the conclusion that my brain MRI was showing a bone met rather than brain met. I still have to have radiation and it is on my forehead, which is tricky because of my eye, plus the proximity to what is left of my brain. However, I know how you felt to hear your news. I was just overly thankful that I didn't feel pressured into WBR. I am so grateful for this board and for some wonderful doctors I have in my corner.

Blessings come to us often,


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