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MORE good news!!!!


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My mom went see the Thoracic surgeon this morning and he thinks he will be able to remove the tumor!!! She is getting a stress test, blood work and mediastinoscopy on Friday7/23/04. If all that is good, lymph nodes clear then surgery will be very soon!!! :D:shock:

We are very happy an hope for the best! This is very stressful! I know so many of you have been in this situation!

Please keep praying for my mom and my family!! Thank you!!!!


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Hi Kelly,

I'm glad your Mom might be able to have surgery. I guess that is her best hope for a cure. Was her tumor small? I unfortunately had a mediastcopy and it looked fine, then when they did surgery the following week found it had spread, one lymph node in the mediasum that the mediastocopy didn't find. But I'm glad I had the surgery. I'm still alive, still with pain in the side from surgery, numbness and swelling, but it is tolerable. I'm not taking any pain meds. I get tired at times but I'm still able to drive and enjoy little day trips. Hope your Mom will be lucky! I think I've read of people in stage 3B or even 4 who have had surgery and were doing well! Mine was a Stage 3A and the tumor on my lung was in the back 1.8 cm. They did a lobectomy on the lower right lobe. I'm nearly six months out of surgery and my chest x=ray was okay. Good luck!


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