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My mothers funeral


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We buried my mother day. It was a beautiful service. We will miss her soooo much. We played Natalie Merchant's "Beloved Wife" at her funeral. She and my father were married 52 years. :)

She would have NOT liked her hair and they way they did her wig. I would much rather her have had her little fuzz that had grown back. It was so cute. She said she looked like Eddie Munster cuz it was so dark and her widows peak haha...

Even in the hospital she was so sweet, to all the nurses she called them honey. They said they wished they could have known her before she was so sick.

I love her and miss her for all my life.


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Gayle, your post brings tears to my eyes. My dear mother has been gone for five months now and I still cannot think of her without tears and overwhelming sadness. It is still so horribly painful. Hopefully, in time our pain will ease and we will see them again. God Bless and keep you...


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I am sure your Mother's funeral was beautiful. My heart breaks for your family, but please remember she is in Heaven and no longer has cancer. She probably has hair like an angel. Your warm loving memories will keep her alive in your heart forever. Dont forget Dad will need you as much as you need him. My prayers for your family.

God Bless You All,


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