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Pet/CT "full color" Combination Scan


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I had one of these several weeks ago - it is truly amazing. I was so behind on the latest & greatest treatments/tests that I had NO idea these tests (CT & PET) were done at the same time with one of the newer machines! I spent the night before dreading having to be flat on my back and still for an hour -- 30 minutes for a CT and another 30 for a PET scan. Silly me!

I started some research on the internet the morning before I had the scans, and lo and behold -- there was THE machine that does both at the same time. Did I feel out of it? Yep!

What I had was CT of abdomen & chest & pelvis with contrast, and PET scan of the body (thorax basically). I had the dye injection for the CT part though, as the test was ordered "with contrast." So, sounds like it depends on what the doctors order as to the kind of contrast you get for these tests. I also had to drink (yuk!) 2 bottles of that barium-based stuff starting an hour before the procedure. That was 3 altogether -- the barium drink, the glucose w/tracer, and the dye contrast for the CT.

Since then, I've been more diligent about researching things before I have them, and have also located at least 3 "open MRI" machines near me, so you can bet that if I have MRI done, it will be there! No way will they put me into that tube with the jackhammers going, and expect me to be still and flat on my back for 45 minutes. Nope! (I'm told by 3 of the docs in my treatment team that CT & PET are the best for what I have at this time, so MRI hasn't been an issue -- so far!)

I agree with you -- this test is amazing. The people (technicians) where I had it done explained it to me very well, and it makes sense to me that this is far better than separate scans and the other technology.


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I also had this testing done earlier this year. It is an amazing technology.

Unfortunately there are only 3 machines available in my surrounding area but that is better than none at all.

My doctor said that the test is capable of diagnosing, staging, and from that calculating what treatment would work best based on what they find.

He is also said that they are also having trouble training radiologists to use the machines and read the scans faster than the machines are being


Wishing you good luck on your tests.


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