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Brain met symptoms?


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It's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I posted. It's nice to see some people still here!

After almost a year with no sign of cancer, my mother who was stage 3B, is now having strange symtpoms.

She recently had two episodes where her mouth and face became numb and the last one was accompanied by facial twitching. Both times, these episodes lasted less than 5 minutes. She wouldn't call her onc, so I did. I told the PA about her episodes and her other problems, including memory issues and slurred speech.

My mother is constantly repeating herself. She'll tell me something in one converastion and then tell me again 10 minutes later as if she never said it before. After she found out that I called her doctor, she confessed that she feels like she has to concentrate on her speech when she talks or the words don't come out right. I had noticed in previous conversations that her speech was a little slurred, as if her tongue was heavy or something. I just thought she was sleepy and overlooked it.

I'm so afraid that this could be a sign of brain mets. Maybe a stroke, I don't know. She's going in for a brain MRI on Friday.

I'd like to know what kind of symptoms occur with brain mets. Thanks.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I would definitely get her to see a doctor, preferably neurologist just to assure you and your mom. The symptoms could be caused by a number of things including transient ischemic attacks (little strokes). Also I was reading about the chemo drugs I had taken and saw that one of them can cause neurotoxicity which can occur after chemo is done. Maybe it's the chemo drugs. Because it comes and goes I wouldn't think it was mets but I don't know of course. I'm not trying to scare you but when you have TIA (little strokes) it's good to be evaluated because it sometimes is predictive of a larger stroke. I know people who have had multiple TIAs who are doing just fine today.


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Cat said what I wanted to say much better than I could have. It may be something minor, but I am glad you are having it checked. Brain mets are such scary things because they can be silent or they can present with a multiude of varying symptoms depending on location.

I am sending you bundles of fortitude as you wait for the scan and the results.



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Hi Minnie,

Great to hear from you again. I agree that it is good that your mom is having an MRI. Signs and symptoms of brain mets are different for different people.

I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers, and cross my fingers for good results.


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Guest HerSon

My mom had the same thing. She went to the ER after falling and it was never investigated, and she wound up having a stroke the next day! It could be something called a TIA, which may indicate an impending stroke.

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Hello Minnie,

Sorry we had to meet this way. Hope you get some answers soon.

Yes, she certainly should have an MRI. My husband was checked regularly by his radiologist for symptoms (he does have brain mets) and she always questioned about speech and memory problems. Then she ran a quick series of tests, like reflex and eye movements. Also wanted to mention the triple dose MRI. Steve has had two and they can pick up things missed by a regular MRI.

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