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PET/CT tomorrow (Wednesday)


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Such a hard day, waiting today, with hubby waiting without his caffiene and sugar, too. The doctor said she is sending him for a PET scan, the instructions all say PET/CT so I hopt that is what it is.

Results on Tuesday PM. Prayers wanted!!! needed!!! or good vibes!!! for a good clean scan or if there be troubles, they be troubles we can deal with.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Prayers for you and your hubby for a sparkling clear scan.

My doc also called it a PET scan but the rx said PET/CT and that's what I got - great technological tool.


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Thank you, thank you, yes, Iowa City is not far, we are in SE Iowa. We had the choice of treatment there but chose a closer place. Good thing, since I am doing all the driving. It should be interesting. Be back later, gotta do the dinner thing - protein and water, as one of you so wisely put it. Margaret

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Thanks everyone. I really do believe that attitude and prayers make a huge difference. We are home now. It was not bad at all. Two people getting PET scans. Turned out the other one was hubby's sort of aunt and they lost track of each other 30 years ago. Big reunion. How nice.

Interesting - the technician told him he would be radioactive for 10 hours and to stay away from pregnant women and small children.

Stopped at Subway on the way home for good tasting sandwiches, so all is back to normal. Results at the next dr appt next Tuesday the 27th, unless of course I wheedle a way to get them sooner. We may just wait this time as it is bound to be complicated.

Blessings to all of you as well. You are some good people. Margaret

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