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"My Story" forum and chat night


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Last night on chat something became very obvious to me and I'm sure to many othres. We tend to recognize eachother most of the time by our avatar and our stories. With so many new people joining us lately and so many like names it is very hard to keep everyone straignt in my mind.

I know how difficult it is to relive what we have been through and it can take an emotional toll but it can also be a release for us. Rick started the "My Story" forum so we can introduce ourselves and give information that will help others assist us when we need it. As I said it is also a good outlet for some of our stress and anger.

I hope that as time permits that everyone will eventually post their story or at least the basics. I read as many posts as I can and try to respond but when on chat last night I felt like I was totaly lost at times because I knew so little about most of the people there. So I ask again please when time permits tell us your story. I'm sure it would be a big help to all of you as well of us who are waiting here to know you and help in any way that we can.

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Good idea Lil. I still need to do that myself. Someone had mentioned the fact that they thought that area was only for "survivors" and their stories. Well, if those of us that have lost a loved one and made it through in one piece can't be considered "survivors" then I don't understand!!!! I will definitely tell my story soon. The time just has to be right! Thanks so much for the great suggestion. I'm sure it will be evry beneficial to many!!!

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