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Mr & Mrs Mike are home


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Sorry I don't have time to post individually to all of you! My goodness our group is getting so big that not coming to the board for two days put me too far behind!

Mike stood the trip fairly well. When we got home, our daughter and grandkids picked us up. Then we had to go to the grocery store to get something to eat, then my folks came...Today we went to a family reunion picnic and Walmart. I don't know how Mike is standing all of this..because I'm exhausted and the house is a MESS!

I've got to got through all the mail, pay bills, etc...and time is just too short! I've got a hundred and ten things to do...and I'm not getting anything done!

Sorry to hear the bad news posted on the board...please know I'm praying.

Rejoicing over the good news, please know I'm screaming for joy with you.

Love and hugs,

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Shannon and Mike,

So good to be back in your own bed, hmmm? Try not to worry about the house and little nuisances...the dratted things always wait for us 8) . Give yourselves a big hug from me, please. The world looks better to me than before you left for CTCA.

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