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Where is Fay A?


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I found her!

I sent her an email telling her that her presence has been missed. Her reply came back quickly

It's good to hear from you. For some reason I can access the message board and read what is posted, but I cannot respond to anything or post anything myself. I can access the private message board, but again, cannot read them nor post a response.

Rick is trying to help me with this, but so far no go.

Please tell them I miss them, and that I am sorry for those families who have lost their loved ones, and for those who are either caring for someone or actually fighting the disease I wish them well.

The fires are not too far away, but this time the wind is blowing in a good direction for me (not so good for others, so I feel a little guilty about that).

Floods? Are you okay?

And what I wouldn't give to be able to fly to Michigan this weekend!


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thank you Gail for posting that. Fay, since you can read the boards, please know that I miss you also. I was wondering if the fires were close to your house. Glad to hear that they are blowing in a good direction for you, my friend. If you need a buddy until you can access the site here, please e-mail me at chismfamily@earthlink.net. I don't have your personal e-mail or I would have already e-mailed you. Take care and GET YOUR 'PUTER FIXED!! :wink: We miss you!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~~~


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