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New good news, Old good news


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I was rescanned and mapped in radiation today for the "cone down". Since my medical onc does NO scans until all 6 cycles of chemo are finished...I figured I'd ask the radiation onc how things looked after today's scan.

First of all, they tell you these are NOT for diagnostic purposes....BUT...since they ARE for the purpose of narrowing the field of radiation, it sort of implies shrinkage...doesn't it?

I figured I had nothing to lose by asking...and the answer was, Yes, the enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinum are "noticeably reduced"!! :D

So then I asked him about the amount of "activity" in those lymph nodes before treatment even started and the rad onc said, "You had considerably less cancer there than we often see!"

I said, "Even with other limited stage patients? You don't mean compared to extensive stage?"

And the doc said, "Yes!" :)

If it's possible to FLY out of a hospital, I did. Anyone seen that commercial where this guy goes up to perfect strangers and smiles and says, "I lowered my cholesterol"???

Well today, every stranger I passed leaving the hospital, I wanted to smile and say, "I reduced my cancer!!" 8)

Any little tidbit of good news...is a positive thing. Today, I felt overwhelmed with good news!

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that is great, and I love the comparison to the lowering your chlolestral (sp?) commercial, know what you mean!

yes, Dave's oncologist did no scans until all the chest radiation and the 6 rounds of chemo were complete. we never even thought about it at the time, and frankly I'm sorta glad, in hindsight, he didn't do any, for some reason it was more like Christmas to get those scans after all the treatment and hear the big NED! But I'm glad you got this "mid-treatment" boost of encouragement. That rocks!

Hip Hip Hip HOORAY as Faith would say (direct quote from one of her adoption story books).

God Bless,

Karen C.

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You and I are very close in diagnosis (mine on right side though!) and in time frame (mine came 6/4/04). I'm so very glad to read about your good results.

It's amazing how something like this can motivate and energize you, huh!

I'm glad you're here sharing your good news, especially since we sound very "close" in this battle. Keep up the AWESOME progress!!!


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I sure appreciate all the good wishes. And yes, even tidbits of good news inspire and motivate us in the fight...don't they?

I found out though, that the cone down does NOT mean the field of radiation changes...it's more that they will radiate from new angles, in order to get off the spine. Up till now, the radiation has been front and back...so the spine absorbs some of it. From tomorrow on, they will radiate from sort of a "diagonal" on both sides.

Still...shrinkage is a good thing...so yes, Becky....size DOES matter...at least when you're undergoing chemo and radiation, eh? :wink:

Here's hoping there is some good news for EVERYONE here!!

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