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Anyone in Chicago interested in lending a hand?


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I have been in almost constant contact with Renee Kosiarek recently as we both continue to plan our Lung Cancer Benefit Walk events for November 6th. (details on the Chicago and New Jersey walks can be found in the Activism thread)

I just just wanted to let everyone in the Chicago area know that Renee plans for this walk to be bigger and better than last year's and raise lots of awareness for LC with the public and the media, as well as significant funding for ALCASE!

However......Renee is also expecting a baby any day now and I have a sneaking suspicion that she could use a little help ~ either with some of the walk details or with volunteers giving a few hours of time the morning of the walk to help out with the "behind the scenes" type stuff.

I know that at least one board member here has signed on to be a "Survivor Speaker" at the event as well as someone volunteering to update the walk website and I think that is so awesome!!!

If anyone else in the Chicago area can lend a little time to make this walk the wonderful awareness-raising event it has the potential to be, please contact Renee at rkosiarek@broadviewinc.net

Thanks, guys!!!

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I am working on one too in the Dallas Area. Trying to get it in November.

So if anyone is experienced in getting these set up, I am all ears. I have several corporate sponsors awaiting my commitment.



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I commend everyone who is doing the walks :):) I wish I had the time/strength/engery/family support to organize one myself as well, but I don't :)

I can add my two cents in having been involved with Relay.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INSURANCE FOR YOUR EVENT!!!!!! It is VERY important. Most venues require that you have it. Renee had posted about this in Activism awhile back and I learned more about it looking into it :)

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