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Post Surgery


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Hey Guys..

Well I made it thru surgery just fine. No complications. Just before I was reeled into the operating room, the doctor asked me if I wanted the bone that they would use to fuse into my back (where they did the digging out of my tumour thereby leaving a hole) to be taken from my hip bone or from a bone bank. Threw this at me at last minute. He said both were good options with the hip bone one being slightly better in terms of fusion but on the other hand, quite painful after removal. Seeing as I've been in pain for so long now, I chose the bone bank version. Hopefully in will fuse well and there will be no problems.

I was in surgery for 3 hrs. He said that he had dug out between 50-70% of the tumour. Good results he says considering the sensitive area being *excavated*. He said he was able to relieve compression on the nerve and hopefully that will result in lessening of pain. That was the main goal going in.

That was Monday late afternoon. The next day they strapped this enormous neck brace around my neck and as everything was going well said I could go home whenever I wanted. The brace stays on till Sept when I c the doc next. So there I am carrying this morphine pump around my shoulder and wearing this enormous brace. What a sight!

I told Gilles that if they should want me back in the hospital for tests and such that I want to consider my options as everytime I go there, I come back with some apparatus wrapped around some body part :-)

God heard your prayers and I sailed thru just fine. As a matter of fact, so fine that I was released very next day..something veteran nurses on the floor told me they had never seen before.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind wishes and prayers.

Time will tell if this surgery does in fact relieve the pain or not. Will keep you posted.

Love, Francine

God Bless us All!!!

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Good News Francine!

So glad you are home and on the mend. Hope your pain is more managable now and eventually pain free.

p.s. I would have done the same thing with the bone issue. No More Pain, Please!

May you continue to make remarkable strides in your recovery!


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What a wonderful report, Francine! And I send you every possible wish that this resolves the pain for you. I'm as impressed as the nurses to see you here already, posting and having been released so quickly. It's a true testament to your spirit and your fight to feel good and get well! You're an inspiration!

I'm so glad you're home...that has to feel wonderful...and tell those medical types if they want to tack any more equipment onto you...that they'd better give you a little red wagon to haul it all around in! :wink:

I'll continue to think PAIN FREE thoughts for you!!

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You are an inspiration to all of us and, I'm sure, to everyone who knows you. I send prayers for a quick recovery and for comfort from pain. I'm so glad that you are at home and remember, September is just around the corner!



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God bless, Francine, you've done it again.

Wonderful results!!

I pray you continue to heal, and that the pain is gone!! far far away....

Love ya, kid. I can see you now with the little red wagon... with you in it, going back and forth with Gilles...... Amazing picture.....

Feel better soon.


Prayers always,


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