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Muscle Weakness

Connie B

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Good Evening to you All,

I have a little problem I would like to toss out to you all and see if anyone else is having this kind of problem.

In the last 2 years I have been expericening Muscle weakness in my arms.

More so in the shoulder area and in the upper muscles of my arms. Each year it seems to get worse. It becomes painful when I do things like rake the yard, (I know stop raking)! :) or when I do circular motions with my arms, or even when I pick up my beautiful grandchildren. Once I have my grandchildren picked up and in my arms, I am fine, but getting them there is ohhhh soooo hard. Now mind you I don't seem to have any problem when I cut the grass with a push lawn mower. My arms feel like they are going to fall off, and then I have shotting pain going through them for about 3 minutes and it's all over. They also feel like rubber and the strength is out of my arm....

I have asked two Onc Doc's if this could be related to chemo kind of a down the road side effect. They have told me there isn't anything in the medical books that would say this is a down the road problem, but they did say that they are hearing this complaint come in there offices more and moreeach day, COULD this be from the chemp??? Is what I would lide to kow; OI hope that someone can lend a helpng hand with this.

Thank you ALL My God I am thinking is it MS???? Thank you ALL!!! Can someone put some like on ths for me please?? I thank you all a head of time.l I do excercise and I still hava that problem.

Warm and Gentle Hugsl

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Dear Connie,

My medical degree got lost in the mail so I don't have a definite answer. A couple of things though,

1. Age - my mother who never cursed said growing older was fascinating, every morning it was an *ss or an elbow that hurt - never knew which one.

2. I have periodic pain in my forearems right below my elbow (here's that elbow word again. Hurts when I pick something up etc. When the pain starts to act up, I take glugosamine, condrodine (no idea how to spell) and rub Jointritis into my arms. This really seems to help and my arms are better for awhile.

But, I know once you have been dx with a disease every little pain and ache raises a red flag. I think for PEACE OF MIND that you should have it checked.

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Hi Connie,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this problem. :( My Mom has been saying that her arms are week and numb. The doctor told her this was a side effect from chemo. I think she is only going to be able to work 25 hours a week at the maximum.


I'm thinking about you!


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WHOPS, I forgot to mention that I have talked to the doc's about this crud and I have been through tests for it, and so far everything keeps coming up empty handed. They even have done EKG's on me, and all is fine. :)

What I have done is talked to others that have been on chemo's even breast cancer patitents and they have all shared with me that some of them have this similar problem. I also know of a couple of my group members that have said they too have this weakness in there arms and shoulders. It's really hard to discribe but it sure is frustrating.

My Primary Doc said to me, well, you are getting older!!! :roll: My answer to that was, THANK GOD!!! The one Onc Doc that I had talked to about this did say, this problem is being considered seriously in the medical profession as to COULD it be Chemo related. Some people have this problem sooner then I have had and some don't ever get this problem. So, in my opinion, it just sounds to me like it COULD be chemo related?! I don't know! I guess it's nothing I can't live with, and I have been dealing with it for 2 years now, but everytime I go to the doctor, I DO bring it up.

Hey Ginny, would you look for your medical degree so you could maybe give me a little better answer?? :D TOO TOOOO FUNNY!! I thought it was Aurther too, but the tests say NO!! Don't EVEN ask me where I came up with MS!!!! :roll::roll:

Katie, I am still having a sitting problem now that I have a couple of stitches down there!! OY VEY!!! Thanks for asking! I should get the results back in two weeks. It's ALWAYS something!

Laurie, Your dear mom has been through SOOOO much, and I have to give her a HUGE PAT on the back for even TRYING to work more then 25 hours a week. Bless her Heart!!! I don't know HOW she does it! She HAS to be ONE STRONG LADY!!! (((((((Laurie & MOM)))))))

Thank you all so far for your input. I don't rule out ANYTHING! Simple things work just FINE for me!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Connie, long time no talk to.

In my vast experience in the growing older game, I have found that success is more than likley related to staying strong in three areas:

mind, BODY, and soul. Now from what I know of Connie B, she's really strong in the first and last area, but I can't say about the middle one. Not meaning to trivialize the arm pain you're going through Connie, but the fix may be as simple as exercising more regularly, and starting a weight training program. (perhaps you are already)

I am a firm believer in the "if you don't use it, you lose it" theory.

Talk to your doctor.

Your buddy,


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Hey Buddy David P.

HOW THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN??? I HAVE been thinking about you! HONEST!! How's your dad? How's the family? Hope all is well!

Well my good freind, In most cases I would say I lost my MIND, (got you fooled)! hehehe! My Soul is just DUCKY! My BODY however........ do we HAVE enough room on the board for me to go into it? :lol::lol:

Well, let me see, do I exercise? Well, I TRY TOO!! Okay now I HAVE To be honest here! I don't have a program so to speak, (I may need one!) but I do try and keep busy and going and walking a lot! I've tried to think of what I have been doing or lack of that would cause this weakness in my upper arms, but I honestly have to say, I haven't changed a lot of my pattern. IF anything I guess I do do more, now that I have my Grandkids around. But then again, they have always been around from day one, and my Granddaughter who will be 4 July 1st weighs a whopping 54 lbs. I know that sounds like a lot, but she is a big girl, and tall too! Although I don't pick her up. My Grandson is 2-1/2 and he's a biggy boy too, and him I do pick up(as little as possible)! It's just strange things that cause this pain, like washing my floors (on my hands and knees), or like I said Raking leaves or grass clippings, or washing windows, otherwise, nothing else seems to bother me. BUT none the LESS, your probably 120% right when you say, I did to get off my duff and do some CONSTRUCTIVE EXERCISE!! No doubt your right about that one!

I have been taking can foods and I lift then 3 times a day for a mintue or two, or as long as I can before my arms start to ache and want to fall off.

I have been doing that as a form of treatment for me. That's it, it's like if I OVER work my arms they act up like that. Ohhhh I don't know! But, I will give your idea a heck of a whirl!!! Can't hurt to try!

Well my dear, it sorry I haven't been in touch, will do better in the future!

Take care, and as always, thanks for your support and caring words.

oh, I thought maybe you weren't talking to me for a while being the MN Wild kicked some butt. The end results were we lost anyway!! OH WELL!

Warm and Gentle Hugs

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