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Have a friend with endometrial cancer


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Unfortunately I have a friend that has endometrial cancer. I somehow found this wonderful board all about lung cancer for my husband and I was telling my friend about this board and she wondered if there was anything like this for the type of cancer. I would appreciate any replies and pass them along.

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There are a number of websites in different states that are dedicated to Gilda Radner who died of ovarian cancer.

I found one in Iowa, they have an online chat, as well as forums.


This site is for all gynecological cancers.


This is the Sloan Kettering site for Support and Survivors of Endometrial Cancer. Not an online support group, but some good information.


I don't know if I am out of line, (Rick, Katie correct me if I am wrong) but even though this site is for lung cancer survivors, I know that I would welcome anyone who is needing support and friendship in their struggles with any cancer. We may not always have answers to her specific questions, but a lot of the issues we go through with treatments, side effects, and emotions are universal.

I can't think of one other place to recommend someone to, that would be better than here when they are hurting scared and need support and love.

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