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Paracentesis was a breeze


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Just a quick update on Steve. He had a paracentesis today and it was a breeze - well, ok maybe a breeze for me and more like gentle blow for him. They did a local, inserted a needle with a tube and drained fluid from his lower abdomen. He no longer looks and feels like a suddenly pregnant woman. He's at home, resting comfortably. Of course, we did have to give him a hard time about the fake weight gain he had pulled off at the doctor's appt. on Tuesday. He has been trying hard to gain weight and we were surprised that he had indeed put on several pounds (high 5's all around). After today it's going to take a lot of ice cream to replace the 10+ lbs in fluid they pulled out. Baskin Robbins here we come!

The other good news is that the Iressa was approved right away and he is on Day 2. Thanks to all of you for your caring and support and info (the website was great).

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So glad to hear that Steve survived the paracentesis. It sounds just like the procedure I had to drain the fluid from around my lung (thorencentesis).

Sounds like Steve did better than I, I had problems every time. (Had it done 4 times)

Hope the Iressa works, it is sooooo much better than being on chemo!

Here's to that gallon of ice-cream! :lol: (Chocolate???) yum!


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You all put such a smile on my face :) !

Yep, TAnn, know what you mean about the thoracentesis. Steve had two of them and they were rough. The last one they had to stop because his blood pressure crashed. The first tech that came into the room said, "So you're here for a thoracentesis," and we both yelled, "NO - NO!" PARAcentesis. Probably scared her to death :shock: .

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I am so happy to hear about Steve's doing well after his precedure. That is alot of fluid and I know he must feel much better. I hope the Iressa works great and kicks some cancer butt. I vote for a Hardee's chocolate milk shake. That is all that tasted good to me when I was on chemo and I still love them ( I don't need the weight anymore) :lol:

Keeping us all in my prayers each day.


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Good news on Steve! I just had a pericardial window put in and two plueral effusions drained. I immediately dropped close to 15 pounds! I was very tired and short of breath. I got on the scale and was shocked! I thought there was something wrong with my bathroom scale.The fluid was in my chest and upper abdomen. I went to see my doctor and he sent me immediately to the hospital. I was told that I needed surgery right away. It is not a weight loss method I recommend! Ha! So glad Steve is doing better.


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Hi, Joyce,

Glad to hear that Steve is dong better. Last year within a matter of days after the pneumonectomy I "lost" about 17 inches and 30 pounds from around my middle. I can't tell you what a relief it was.

Hope the ice cream diet is successful for Steve at putting on a few 'real' pounds. If that doesn't work, how about a nice steak or seafood dinner? :wink:

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