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Peripheral Neuritis


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My wife Rachel has recently completed 6 cycles of Cisplatin and Gemcitabine. She is well in herself but has developed quite unpleasant Peripheral Neuritis induced by the Cisplatin. Has anyone here had this problem, and had chelation to remove the Platinum been considered?

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I got peripheral neuopathy after taking my second round of Cisplatin after surgery. I started falling down for no real reason. As I would step from the paved walk onto grass and fall on my butt. Told the Dr and he said right off it was the Cisplatin and I did not get the last dose. I don't fall any more but my feet particularly are still weird, they wigggle as if searching for info, if I walk barefoot on the carpet, they complain about how it feels etc. They like me to stick to the same style shoe instead of having to learn all over "what this shoe feels like". If I obey their rules it is not a problem. Donna G

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I had four cycles of cisplatin/VP16, and had some peripheral neuropathy. Over time there was some gradual improvement, and the rest I have kind of learned to live with/ignore. I don't notice my feet, and I just don't let my hands bother me.

I hope your wife's neuropathy settles down to where she can live with it not too inconveniently.

Prayers for you and your wife's well being...



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