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My name is Snowflake, and I'm a SURVIVOR!


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BOY, am I HATING this lack of access!

So, where were we?

Oh, I will be at Ry's for the Michigan Bash - I can drive again! (BUT, Mark won't let me go anywhere alone...wonder if he thinks I'll forget more than his name? lol) - Yes, you can laugh here, my remembery just ain't what it used to be and I sometimes have problems remembering his name...thank goodness I don't forget he "belongs" in my life, THAT would be scary!

Here's what's up here:

Sent Dad's machine in to be fixed...it worked ONE FULL DAY and now will not go online at all...in fact, there are some "bad" screens that popped up and wouldn't go away when it was limping along online... SOOOO, I have to figure out how I'm going to get some stupid computer guy who THINKS he's a guru to fix what he screwed up (it WAS going online before, just had some "quirks") and NOT have to pay again!

I took my battery of brain function tests yesterday. I haven't been to work for two weeks today... I start back Monday, half days. With the climate of re-structuring, I guess they take "melt downs" seriously...

Test results? Earliest appointment available was August 19! A MONTH to find out whazzup!

Until I can get the PC here at the folks' up and running, I'll be absent from chat and YEARS behind on postings. I can't even log in once a day to browse!

The house? The one we're trying to build? Well, we've been working on it since MAY and STILL haven't closed on it! MAYBE by next week....

Let me tell you, if things don't start moving here and you hear of the disappearance of contractors and construction dudes in Mid-Michigan .... well, that'd be me. I'm SOOOO frustrated by these constant roadblocks...

Maybe by Christmas I'll have a house...or it'll be too cold to put the flippin' thing in and I'll be stuck where I am until next spring where the whole farce can begin again...

So that's where I am...stuck in red tape up to my eyeballs and missing my online family...

Take care, all, I'll be back when I can!



PS Fay A is having problems accessing the site. Hope she gets back soon, too!

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God bless Snowflake!!

You know they recommend you keep a journal when you're first diagnosed. I wrote across the top of the first page, "I am a survivor", and that's all I have written in 4 + years...... guess I'm not a writer, even though I can spell.....

Dearheart, you have been missed.....

and yo, you "guru" type guy... a word to the wise should be sufficient.

I am so happy for you being able to go to the party!!

Live vicariously a little for me too.....




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Snowflake who? Are you sure you have the correct site . What party in Michigan , that was last week or is it next week? Glad to have you back , what her name. And I'm just kidding , I think. See you tomorrow as long as I'm not feeling any worse. divaD

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Hey girlfriend! So glad to see your post. I sent you a PM and it seems to have disappeared from Outbox, so I guess you got it today, but you answered the questions here, so don't even try to catch up when you get back online. Which 1/2 job gets you back next week - the morning or the afternoon? That is horrible about your house progress - how FRUSTRATING :evil:

I was trying to get to the Michigan bash, but some problems with hubby and son this week caused me to back down, plus I don't think my poor old back could survive a drive that far. :roll: I would so LOVE to come and meet everyone.

Keep in touch, Beck.



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Hey, Snowflake!

You were missed. You know.....after you finish dealing with the Michigan Contractors and Construction crews how about heading out to California? Have I got a job for you. :(

Have fun tomorrow. Hope it is a beautiful day for all.

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We all eagerly August 19 and the results of the brain function tests, ha!

Have a fun and safe trip to the Michigan bash and say hey to eveyone for me.

Oh, I'm doing that right now - Hey Everyone - wish I were coming! It's going to be cloudy and rainey all weekend here in ole' Virginy - I bet it will be down right carribean in Michigan!

Karen C.

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Dear Snowflake,

You will be missed immensily!! Have a wonderful time in Michigan and tell all Hi from me!! Contractors seem to always have a problem getting things done when promised. I have only had one good experience!! I am praying things settle down for you and you wont be gone long!! BTW my name is Jane and I am your friend.

God Bless You Always,


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Thank goodness you were finally able to post. I have missed you and your wonderful wit. Let us know if you still have a brain on Aug 19th...seems as good sign that you are going back to work ..if only for 1/2 days. Give everyone hugs at the MI bash and take some pics. Maybe rick will post them for all of us.


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I hope all goes well with your new house. I know how fusterating waiting can be. We put a 2nd story addition on our house 2 1/2 years ago, and still waiting to move up. Were doing it ALL ourselves, and between the kids and Steve having to be on swing shift at the railroad, we can never seem to find enough time... So heres hoping that you and me both get into our new construction soon... we miss ya!


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I have missed you sweetie.

I can't imagine the frustration with the house. When we moved into this house 18 years ago, we had to stay in a motel for 5 weeks. We thought it was only going to be 3 days so we went to Jesse's Motel where you pay by the hour or by the week. Pea green bathroom with one flourescent light, but did I look terrific.

Becky, hope your life gets back to normal pronto.


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