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Guest bucky_a

hi, I would like to know if is possible to prevent a recurrence. My cancer was found for a ct and not for an xr, and since i was a smoker i had 3 last year. But now the oncologist and the surgeron only want to do xr, i don;t know what to do. starting now i will have xr every 3 month, is that right. Thanks,bucky :D

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Dear Bucky,

Well.... I don't think it is ever possible to prevent cancer be it first, second or how ever many times it may or may come back.

There are many reasons to why they do X-rays rather then CT scans as a way of following up. NOW mind you, I AM ALL FOR CT SCAN'S NO MATTER WHAT stage a person is staged at. Just MY OPINION!! I feel EVERYONE who has been dx.d with LUNG CANCER should be WATCHED or FOLLOWED UP WITH CT Scan's. But, I'm NO DOCTOR and I don't have that SAY!!

I'm sorry you have the need to be here, but I am glad you found us.

Good luck and stay with us.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Hi Bucky,

First off, I'd like to welcome you to this site. I'm sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.

I agree with Connie, in that I don't think there is a way yet to keep reoccurances from happening. However, I do think there are currently studies and clinical trial out there that are attempting to prolong remission times, and prevent reoccurances. One such clinical trial that I am aware of is copper reduction therapy. Maybe other people out there know of others.

I think it is unfortunate that we fight to kill the cancer and then have to sit, wait, and expect that it might return. It's mental torture. I've also heard a lot said about certain nutritional diets and alternative medicines that are being used to fight cancer. Even though they might not have proven success at killing cancer cells, some of them may have good statistics with sustaining remission. Keep looking, and keep your hope alive. By the grace of God, you can be a survivor.

As far as the scans go, I know that CT scans are much more expensive, and a lot of insurances won't cover it for check-ups , other than once or twice in a blue moon so doctors automatically suggest X-rays. I would call your doctors and see why they don't want to do CT scans, and call your insurance and see what they would cover, and if they will pick up the cost, or if you are willing to pay the difference, insist on getting the CT scan. You are the patient, and this is your treatment, and your life. The doctors should honor your wishes, and provide the scan type that gives you peace of mind.

I will be praying for you.


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Hi I was diagnosed and had surgery three years ago---and my surgeon has me get cat scans and sometimes a pet scan--

with my diagnosis, the insurance company has not said a word about my scans--If you do not feel comfortable with just an x-ray ask why you cannot have cat scans

regards eileen

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Good advice here. You need to be procative about your treatments. I think that at a minimum, you need a second opinion.

I can't imagine why any Dr. would opt for an Xray instead of a CT or PET scan unles there is some medical reason. I would insist on knowing why and confirm that with another opinion. If the ins. co goves you a hard time, keep after them, contact your senator for assistance. This is your life and you are in the lead role in your treatment. Good luck!


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