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Self Magazine -- August Issue

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So I get my new issue of Self Magazine in the mail today.....the magazine that I was considering cancelling because I don't find it to be as helpful to me these days as Alternative Medicine Magazine or Prevention Magazine.....and also because I wrote to them last November after reading article upon article upon article about Breast Cancer, and virtually nothing on Lung Cancer for 3 issues in a row.....and they never responded.


I open it to the index and start reading the "Health" section. What do I see?



It is a WONDERFUL article full of facts and support/activism information......WE ARE GETTING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here's a tip to everyone:

Now might be a good time to contact magazines and/newspapers to do feature stories on lung cancer.

The press is like everything else. It's copycats. If one does a story, others will do one too. Albeit they will try to find a different angle.

Go for it, guys. Get your stories told.

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With my walk approaching, I intend to contact every newspaper/local magazine/tv station and radio station in the South Jersey/Philly area and try to tell my story and get some press.

I agree w/ Elaine -- now is the time to go for it!

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I got my copy of Self too and just read the article! We SHOULD jump on this. I will post somthig later in Activism about writing to magazines if someone else doesn't first. I gotta run and do something now, i was just checking in briefly

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


Maybe that was their response. Who's to say it wasn't YOUR letter? I stopped buying zines when I went on disability (too much $$ for too little info) so I don't know what's "in".

Please if anyone has magazines that do this type of article, look inside the cover to the editor's address and write them.

It would also be very nice if you could e-mail that address to me and I will also write. I'm taking a brief respite from reading the board. I may cross post this in Activism.



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I'm pretty excited (and feeling pretty "Self"-important :wink: )

The October issue of Self Magazine published in their "Notes to Self" section, a response that I wrote regarding the Karen Parles LC article. I must admit that it is kind of cool to see my name in print! :D

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