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The Michigan Bash

Lisa O

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I will posting the Digital photos Katieb took later in the day(She has to wake up 1st, her flight left Detroit at 6:30am). Also anyone that wants to send me their Digital photos via email, feel free and I will get them posted as well as anyone without digital images of their pictures, send them to me and I will scan them and put them up also.

I will create a subsite that support all event we have, with pictures and etc. in the future but for now I will just post them all..



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Oh Ginny -

It was absolutely wonderful!

Ry and John have a home on a beautiful lake, complete with party barge (pontoon boat). We talked, we ate, we drank, we boated, we HUGGED, we handed out pins, we oggled over Fays hand-painted eggs, we talked some more, the kids fished, we HUGGED some more. And it was way too short!

And Rachel flew in from Alaska with fresh shrimp and salmon to add to Ry's already wonderful spread!

Snowflake had a list on one of the other posts of everyone who was there, and it will all click when the pictures get posted!

For one brief ackward moment of silence, I looked around and thought - gee, we really don't know one another, this is weird. And that one moment was all it took for me to really realize that this horrible journey has truly made us "family".

I drove home feeling very blessed to know such wonderful people...and missing meeting the rest who couldn't come.

Hugs and prayers,


PUBLIC DISCLAIMER - I am absolutely the LEAST photogenic person on the planet and bear no likeliness to the pictures you may see posted from the party!!!!!!

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You are all so lucky to have spent the time together. I am green with envy. Thanks for the recap Sandy. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics. It must be great to see one another in person and get that much needed hug. Next time I may have to invest in the plane ticket!!!! Glad you all had a great time and are home safe.

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Gee Ginny, where to start. The only thing that could have been better was the weather could have been warmer but it didn't rain so no complaints. I can't explain how great it was to actually meet people you have only met on-line. I loved talking to everyone and meeting their family. We all get to know each other but it was very special to meet husbands, wifes, and in David's case sisters, brothers-in law, and mother.

We had food, boat rides, and several group pictures "the group hug". John said it was really interesting to hear the voices of people you had met but never talked to. Sweetest voice award goes to Rachel, along with the "traveled farthest" award. Katie of course was a big hit and brought Fay's hand painted eggs, JC's earrings and t-shirts. I not only had a party, I got some Christmas shopping done!

The kids that came were a lot of fun, yes we got to meet "the dragonslayer" and Lisa's daughter's are wonderful. The Jillianator was in her glory with all the excitement and sugar. Caitlin was a big help with keeping the kids entertained.

I hope others are able to have their own bash. It is so nice, like a big family reunion.


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It was exactly how Sandy described it..I am not an outgoing kind of person actually a little more on the quiet side, (now my husband he fits in any where) so needless to say I was so nervous to go, just like Sandy said it was a little weird, I was telling Katie "this feels so weird" she said "yah but its a good weird :wink: .."It was a great day and looking forward to more..

Ry and John, thank you for the day and for the tour of your incredible house John..How awesome all the stories that went into many of your purchases and remodeling.. I love houses and everything in them especially when they are as unique as yours....

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Sandy, I'm sure to hear the "Can we get a dog?" chorus here in the next week...he told his grandparents all about Princess and her "secret weapon".

Wonderful party, John and Rochelle. We had a great time from food to da boat ride. Warmer weather would have been nice, but if I had to choose between the 90s of two days prior and the chill of the 70s..well, it's easier to put on a jacket than to peel off a few layers of skin. (KatieB has learned firsthand why many of our "snowbirds" wear SOCKS with sandals!) :lol:

More house woes for us on Sunday, will work on ironing those out this week and maybe there'll be some earth moving by the end of the week...


Sure glad we got the chance to meet you all!


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