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Thank you Michiganders /Michiganites (?)


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I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for RY & Mr. RY for all the hard work and all the heart that went into their party Saturday. It was a long trip for me, but it felt way too short at the same time. I wouldn't have done anything different and I will always be so thankful and greatful that I could make it and meet some wonderful members of this family.

It was surreal at first. Walking into a group of strangers who you "know" but don't really, but it only took several minutes to feel at home. I couldn't stop staring at everyone...almost as if it all wasn't real. It reminded me of why we are all here and why we work so hard to support and be here on this site to help each other through this journey, no matter what leg of it we are on or what side of the window.

And Sandy was right, food, drink, boat rides and hugs, more pictures, more hugs, more staring at each other and more pictures. (and petting the dogs in-between) It was lovely.

Ry & Mr. RY outdid themselves. :D

David A. was just what I expected- a big teddybear with a giant smile who you just couldn't help but hug! His family members were lovely too and mom was a real sweetie. :D

Ms. Sandy & doggy were a dead ringer for there pictures and she was just great! :D

Ms. Snowflake, Cookieman and kiddo were a total lovely surprise to me (I've never seen pictures of them before) but the minute Snowflake opened her mouth, I knew it was her right away. The exchanges between Snowflake and Cookieman kept me in stitches. Can you guess who has the last word? :D

JoeB & wife Gina were a beautiful couple and I am glad to have gotten to meet them. :D

LisaO & Family were a treat...I loved getting to meet and talk to her. :D

Rachel all the way from Alaska captured my heart with her spunk and sweetness. :D

Cathy & Mark were super. Cathy's is as beautiful live and in living color as she is in her posts here and Mr. Cathy sure is a nice guy. :D

RY & Mr. RY and Family & Friends were wonderful hosts. They went out of their way to make us feel at home. They are as wonderful in person as they look here.

I hated to leave...just thinking that I might not see these folks again. (Unless you yanks come down to Texas!) but this meeting will be something I never ever forget.

Thank you.

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It was our sincere pleasure to have everyone. We loved it we had a wonderful time. I loved talking to everyone but at the end of the night felt I didn't get enough time with you all. I hated to see the evening end.

I really appreciate our friends volunteering to bartend and help with all the party stuff so we could enjoy ourselves. I believe our bartender had such a great time he's up for another bash.

Thanks to everyone that made the trip. Katie thanks for bring Fay's eggs and JC's earrings. Sandy and Becky, thanks for bringing the lung cancer ribbons.

I have a few things that were left behind so if you are missing something PM me. Don't worry no fine involved.

We'll get our pictures to Rick soon.


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Next time up here, bring socks, Katie.... :wink:

Hmmm...maybe we could do "seasonal" conventions...up north in the summer so you southerners could get a breather, in the south in the winter so us northerners could thaw out....east coast in the fall and the west coast in the spring... I could go for a vacation every three months...

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