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test time again


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hi everyone,

my mother is going in for another ct/pet scan tomorrow morning (she was diagnosed with nsclc IV in october of last year)...she had 6 rounds of carbo/taxol and the post-scans showed favorable results, so the doctor had her go through two more rounds...now it's that dreaded time again, and i would be so grateful for prayers and well wishes. all of you have been such a help to me. although i don't write very often, i log on a few times a week, and just reading the posts helps tremendously. i'm sure that all of you caretakers know how it feels to be in my shoes...not too fun. :oops: and i'm also sure a lot of you know what it feels like to be in my mom's shoes. she also celebrates her 57th birthday tomorrow, so we are hoping for a wonderful gift of renewed health and strength. thanks in advance. take care everyone.


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thanks for all of your well wishes. and by the way-yes, karen c., i am her daughter. we are about to go to the doctor to review the scans, so i am basically a mess...too many thoughts are going through my head. i'm sure you can all empathize. we could all use some good news. thanks once again for having my mother in your thoughts. i'll post an update soon. take care and God bless.


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