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ct scan tomorrow


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Hi family,

Well, it's that dreaded time again. This month marks my 3 year survival of lung cancer. While I've gone from stage IIB to stage lV in this time period, I still get around great every day and feel pretty good. Aside from a bald head from 7 months of chemo, nobody who looks at me would guess I am sick.

Tomorrow I go for a ct-scan to see what's happening after this last 3 chemo doses. Several months ago it was stable so I am hoping for at least that. I really want to be off chemo for awhile. I started on Jan 12 and have not had a rest period. I am still planning on an antique trip to England Sept. 23 - Oct. 3 and want to regain my endurance back again.

Anyway, prayers are requested here. I have an appt. with the onocologist Thursday to find out results. I will post when I know.

Thanks everyone.


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My dear friend Cathy. I am praying special prayers for you that your scans will be clean. I pray that you will be able to be off of chemo so that you can go to England, have a great time and shop til you drop. Miracles do happen and the Lord has heard all of our prayers for you and has given you a miracle...

God Bless and gentle hugs,


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You absolutely deserve clear scans, an excellent report and definitely a break from chemo. Your antiquing trip sounds wonderful and prayers are for your renewed strength to enjoy it. I so enjoyed our group dinner when you were down in my area...a high school friend of mine who lives in Bishop is going to be in L.A. for back surgery some time in the near future and I'll be going up to visit her. I am hoping you and I can get together then for coffee or lunch...I'll stay in touch.

In the meantime, prayers for you,


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