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Biopsy tomorrow, just a little prayer please.


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Well the biopsy of my hot node is tomorrow AM and I'm still praying hard that it is benign, even though it is hot on the PET scan. I've been meaning to research what can give you a hot node and not be cancer ( a "false positive") but I've been so busy at work that I haven't had time. I know that they do occur. I'm hoping maybe for "cat scratch disease" We've got four of those things so maybe.

Anyway, benign or not, I'm ready to fight although I'd just as soon not have too.

I'll be back with more news when I have it. Thanks guys. Please say a little one for me guys, or a big one if can.

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Sam hoping it is benign---I had many hot spots in my scans--and always seem to have enlarged nodes

I think it is sarcoidosis---

hopefully yours is negative like mine

regards Eileen

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My mom had a "hot" spot on the lymph glands on the top of her lungs. She takes some heart meds that can cause pulmonary fibrosis so she gets an x-ray every year. The GP told us it was about a 80-90% chance that it was lymphoma. I kept asking him, what else can it be? He could only come up with one thing - which he ruled out due to her age. Sarcoidosis, like Eileen mentioned. Well after a biopsy and waiting 8 weeks for the answer...it was sarcoidosis.

I'm praying for a faulty scanner LOL - if it's not that....then something like sarcoidosis.


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Guest singlecancermom

i need your prayers everyone,,, just found out today that i will have biopsy of mass in abdomen on 7/10/03 dr. thinks may be cancer this a hard blow for me as i just finished chemo/radiation for lung cancer a month ago,,,, i feel like im a zombie right now but i know ive got to be strong to fight this for me and me kids,,,,its so hard when youre single and all alone this message board really helps if anyone reads this feel free to email my personal address, i know i will be up half the night,, thanks

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