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Taking Action for Caregivers


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Hello everyone - My husband passed July 7 and my world for sure, and that of our daughters has not been same, nor will it ever. The dis-connect I feel from what used to be my normal life, is hard to describe.

One thing that I am really interested in doing though, is putting together a book for caregivers and survivors on what to DO, how to PREPARE for the worst when a loved one dies. For instance, there is so much I am finding out NOW that my hubby is gone, that I never knew previously, such as hidden money associated with credit cards, home loans and the like.

I was wondering if I were to prepare a brief questionnaire, whether or not you would be agreeable to responding? The questions will be focused on different areas of typical concern such as finances, legalities, who to contact and when, and preparedness steps in general, so that when our loved one should pass, we won't feel the overwhelming question of "Oh No, NOW what do I do??".

I would love to hear your feedback and opinions.



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I would be happy to help out, Beth. One of the things that the funeral home did for me was had a VHS tape and a whole three ring binder full of instructions. It was very well organized and had what to do first and second and so on. I would be happy to share that with you. No sense reinventing the wheel.


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Beth and Curtis,

I think it would be a great idea to have for all of us. I know what I went through when Randy passed. I wish I would have had some guidance in this area as I had never had to help with a funeral before so had no idea where to even start.

Thanks for caring.


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