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pneumonectomy/rad questions


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sorry to bother everyone again... my pneumonectomy was 2 yrs ago with radiation to the chest (12 weeks) a few months prior. I'm kind of curious about my expereince and wonder if anyone else had this happen to them. I'm not sure why this concerns me 2 yrs later but...

When the doctor did my surgery he told me that the radiation had completely destroyed my lung and chest area. In fact the tumor which was on a lymph node outside my lung had been hit with so much radiation that the whole area in my chest was like concrete with scar tissue. When they removed my tumor they ended up removing part of the paracartium (sp?) the sac that hold the heart along with my lung because everything was "cemented" together. Has anyone else had this happen? anyone have a lot of radiation and then surgery? I know that radiation is the gift that keeps on giving and I wonder how much damage it really does. I know my doctors never talked to me about these possibilities before treatment. When I had the radiation I really didn't have other options but it would be nice to know if this is causing and will always cause chest pain.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

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