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I bet they knew he wouldn't keep that Sept. appnt

Guest AvaJoyce

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Guest AvaJoyce

In April when Radiology gave him that Sept. follow-up appointment I thought well, that's a good sign. 'Cause in January when I had bought a jar of jelly I thought, I wonder which will come first, finish this jar of jelly or J.T. die.

That's him 1 yr ago--in the middle w/ white T-shirt; me on guitar. And him singing & playing:

click--> Take Me in Your Life Boat <--click


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Guest AvaJoyce

Thank you. (Southern-sounding, aren't we?) Yes, I'm playing guitar & singing a little harmony on the chorus.

http://members.carolina.net/avajoyce/so ... feBoat.mp3

My cousin Laura & I used to groan & roll our eyes when Mama & Uncle Joe played what we called "that ol' hillbilly music." (We liked the Beatles.) Now I'm back to my Bluegrass roots.

AvaJoyce, I'm so sorry you lost your love. I clicked on the link in your post and loved the "Take Me In Your Lifeboat" song. Are you plaing on that song also? What beautiful music.

Here's J.T. & family at his 68th birthday party in May, six weeks before he died. His oldest is around 40 and youngest is 11.

He was too weak to stand & play his mandolin, but the band gathered around him...

Click--> http://members.carolina.net/avajoyce/im ... Chains.mpg <--(little movie)


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Ava Joyce,

What a wonderful video for you to have and I am sure you have many more. I felt like I was at a bluegrass festival when watching it except for all the sadness I saw all around. My Brother passed away in June and he too loved Bluegrass. We are a big bluegrass family but none of us played but we sure did enjoy it!! I am so very very sorry. I am sure he will be missed more than anyone can ever express. He may have broke the chain but as we all go to Heaven one by one that chain will link again.

God Bless You and Yours,


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