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Scans Aug 6, right when I was going away :)


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It is that time again---my mom is geting PET, abdomen, pelvic, chest and brain scans on August 6.

I now have a dilemma, I was going away to Tahoe on a trip with my husband and his frined Aug 8-11. Everyone says I should go b/c there is nothing I can do anyway.

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I am going on the trip :) I will just be looking at my cell phone frequently ;) Heehee. It would do my mom more harm if I didn't go. Besides, like she said, what can I do if it shows anything.

The onc said something interest, the onc said it will take 3 working days for the results b/c they do a special comparison of the old and new scans. However, if there is something major, the radiologist will likely call him right away and she will likely get called sooner. He does expect uptake in the surgery area. He is optomistic scans will be good, but doctors are arrogant ;)

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Glad you are going on the trip. We are thinking it is best to pursue normal life as much as possible, as the troubles we are going through are actually a part of normal life ...

Anyway, the results will take a while and they can always call you if needed. A change is as good as a rest, or something like that.

Happy Tahoe!! Margaret

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I talked to the physician assistant yest on an unrelated matter and she said if we call Fri late afternoon, she could most likely get us a preliminary report. So I can base my trip on what we hear on Fri sicne I leave on Sun :)

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