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When do you go for a 2nd opinion?

gail p-m

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I'm seeking your help once again being a "newbie" on this board. I wrote recently about my 79 year old Dad. He has had a recurrence of cancer that was incoperable and may be in the bone. We will know next week whether it's in the bone or not. When he initially had his lung cancer, they removed a lobe and did no further treatment. This time, he'll obviously have treatment -- chemotherapy and radiation if its in the lung and just chemo if it is in the bone. ((Oncologist said radiation would be used for pain if it became an issue in the bones later on)). I always hear people talking about a 2nd opinion. When do you seek one? AT this point, my father likes his oncologist and has faith in whatever he decides. Should I be pushing for a second opinion at this point ie. right after he gets the first opinion (when all the tests are done and we know exactly what we are treating) or do we leave the second opinion for now??? I realize that if he were not responding to treatment or if the doctors gave up on him, then a second opinion would be warranted but do most people go for a 2nd opinon before they start treatment. Yes, I'm a little contused but it's been a long day. Please clarify for me.

Thanks again for helping out. I don't know what I'd do if you people weren't there.

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Gail, I am very sorry to hear about your dad. As far as second opinions (this is my take)...do not delay any treatment in order to get a second opinion. My mom really likes her oncologist, he told her surgery was not an option and begun her on radiation and chemo treatments. She was very hesitant about seeking a second opinion, but I pushed and pushed. I wanted to make sure surgery wasn't actually an option and that she was receiving the best treatment possible. So about 4 weeks into her treatment, I found her a lung cancer specialist to go see. He agreed with her oncologist on all fronts. He also explained things much clearer to me and I felt SO much better after I left there.

Also, you can only receive so much radiation, so I think it is vital to get your second opinion in the beginning of your treatment.

Good luck to you. I will keep you and your father in my prayers.

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Gail, I think it's important to get all the test results before getting a second opinion. That way the 2nd doctor can see what is going on.

I'm so sorry your dad's cancer came back. How long was he in remission? It sounds like it was caught very early the 1st time.

Good luck dad! JudyB

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I firmly believe in the value of second opinions on many fronts. I agree with Judy and Andrea in that treatment shouldn't be delayed, and all test should be run first to avoid prolonged waiting for results and opinions. But you can do both at the same time.

When Keith was first diagnosed, the onc asked us if we wanted to get a second opinion right away, if so he'd gather all the test results we had and make and appointment. He made the appointment for us to go to Rochester MN. to the Mayo clinic. This was with the belief that we were going for opinions only not to change doctors.

I'm glad we did, because we actually wound up seeing two other doctors before going to the clinic because we wanted to find an onc that was positive and personable as well as reputable. Even after all those opinions, the Mayo clinic found that our original diagnosis was slightly different that what my husband truly has. It didn't change the treatment we had scheduled. But it did give us peace of mind knowing we were on the right course of action. Two sets of eyes are better than one, and the more people you have looking out for your best interest, well I figure that's better too. If things change, and a better treatment option is suggested... Great. You can take that suggestion back to the oncologist you have and like. If the second opinion is the same as your onc's then Great... you go forward knowing it is the best choice.

God Bless you,


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