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Since y'all are my family....question (non-cancer related)


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Okay, from my photo you can see I have really long hair. It is multiple colors. I will start graduate school in a couple of weeks. I have an appointment with the hair dresser tomorrow and was just going to re-do my mutli-color highlights. I've had a sort of change of thought and think that I should cut my hair several inches and go back to my dark hair (I'm not sure if I really even remember what that looks like). Perhaps I am looking for a more mature look. I have until tomorrow 1pm (west coast time). I know this is absolutely mindless to be posting but what they heck, ya'll are like family and sometimes it's good to be thinking of something else (like my hair for instance) besides cancer. Plus I can't get any intelligent feedback from my hippie tree-hugging friends --no offense to radical liberals..I sorta fall into that category anyways :-) So if you have absolutely nothing to do, answer my poll.

I will follow your advice and go with the majority (after all, it's only hair). I will post a picture of the results. I'm not sure if I did the poll thing right so if I didn't then just jot me your opinion.


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If you cut off enough - not sure of the amount - you can donate your hair to locks of love...just a suggestion.

Don't know how much help I can be, I recently went from a fairly dark brown to a pretty light blond and am lovin it - so does hubby - I guess I could be fulfilling some fantasy :wink: sorry, did not mean to digress - very tired and not feeling to good tonight. I am sure whatever you decide you will look great!

Much Love,


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Are yuo going to a hair dresser you k now and trust? I changed my hairstyle too right before law school, i was dying it blonde and it was Ny "big hair". I went with a reddish brown and shoulder length. I thjink you should go for a new look to start your new journey!

what type of graduate school?

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From the professional side: shorter with some style

From the tree-hugger side: really short and punky for carefree living (I fit in this category)

From the logical side: shorter is easier to keep. Non-colored is MUCH cheaper.

So I generally default to shorter-in fact, mine is about 1-2 inches long all over and I often times spike it up, and I'm 47 yrs. old. And I love the gray coming in with short hair, naturally highlighted.


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Over a year ago I decided to cut my waist-length hair really short and donate the locks to Kids with Cancer. It was the best decision I have probably ever made. I don't think I could go back to long hair. Short hair is easy to manage, quick to dry and a lot more comfortable during the winter months when I would store up enough static electricity in my hair to zap a computer and turn it OFF! Good luck....


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I think the Locks of Love is a good idea.

Short hair takes a certain attitude to wear - it also works better with certain facial shapes. Talk to your stylist about the best "frame length" for your face.

I LOVE mine short and blonde, I mean real short, but I've gained so much weight in the last few years that I have too much face for the short look I like - so I wear it wild and am letting it grow as long as I can stand it (when stretched, it now reaches my shoulders which is pretty impressive since it was all falling out last November).

Hubby and I have two big weddings in October and January (his daughters are getting married) and I'd like to have enough hair to "play with"...and then, if I've lost the weight that is plaguing me, I plan to have it cut short again.

(And yes, for anyone who has seen the nest of blonde curls on my head, I am MOST DEFINITELY going to make sure it is long enough for a donation when I get it cut.)

My thought for a professional woman would be a short no-muss-no-fuss cut that needs just a bit of styling gel in the morning and then off to where she needs to be... Highlights are easier to care for then over all color if it's lighter - root growth isn't as obvious.



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Sorry, can't help with hair advice - you see my pic! Actually, mine is pulled back because Steve thinks I'm still that 17-year-old he first fell in love with. (Thank goodness for failing eyesight :wink: ) So we compromise on lengths between chin and shoulder.

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You've probably already gone to the hairdresser. Soooo, I will just wait to see/hear what you've decided to do.

After alot of hemming and hawing, I am going to the hairdresser tomorrow - been letting my hair grow but can't do a thing with it. Going to have a Consultation first (la dee da :P ) and then the new hairstyle. If I don't like what I get, I guess I will repeat over and over - It will grow back - It will grow back!!

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Too late to vote but I wanted to say Good For You with your fun post. I have loved checking out who voted and reading the replies...they certainly reflect the quirky creativity and flexibility skills one hones (sp.? Sorry, too tired to make the correct neuro connections) when dealing with lung cancer. And, good luck in grad school. I work with a special needs child who has been recently hospitalized at UNC-CH for neurological evaluation with focus on cognitive deficits/development. Interesting field and much needed area of specialization.

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