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starting treatment


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Finally I 'm starting chemotherapy tomorrow. It seems like this all started 3 years ago but its only been 2-3 weeks. Istart using cisplatin and gemzar. It's kind of scary but like I keep saying I've got kids toraise and no time for cancer.

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Lenny -

As scared as you may be, keep POSITIVE thoughts!

Don't think about the drugs they're putting in your body or that they might make you sick (and they might very well not!).

Lean back, take some deep breaths, and picture the chemo running throughout your body hunting down and killing them nasty cancer cells.

Best of luck to you and hope it's not too rough on you,


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I haven't tried gemzar, but my advice about cisplatin is this--be a wimp. By that I mean that if you feel the least little bit nauseous while you are in for treatment, complain and they will give you wonderful IV drugs that stop it in its tracks. When you come home, take your anti-nausea stuff even if you don't feel nauseated--by the time the nausea comes on, taking a pill won't help! My other advice is to enjoy your kids as much as possible--some days my little girl was the reason I dragged myself up and out the door for more treatment. I'll be thinking about you, and keep us posted.


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Hi Lenny ~

I am a firm believer that attitude is half the battle, ESP when dealing w/cancer. My husband is a very strong minded man and a fighter. When he was first diagnosed it was a shock, but the shock passed quickly for him and he had the will and the determination to FIGHT. He put up a damn good fight and he still is fighting. He had Gemzar - that was his third round of chemo. He did not get sick on it at all - he did on the other two prior to the Gemzar. They gave him anti-nausea meds right in the IV w/the chemo and he had a pill to put under his tongue at home to stop the nausea in its tracks.

Best wishes to you. :)

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