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Dean, today is your birthday!!


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Happy Birthday big guy! Hope you have a nice juicy steak cooked just the way you like. you and I are brothers in so many ways, hoping n praying you have a great day today.

Hey when do you want to pit the west coast(u and your scooter) against the midwest( Mustang and I) in a winner takes all for the pink slips, side by side tires smoking, tailpipes spitting fire dragrace?lOl

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Happy Birthday!! This is your day....celebrate! Your birthday is the day you came into the world and without that, you couldn't have touched all of these lives with your support and wise words so it's a happy day for us all.


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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dean, Happy Birthday to you! (you're so lucky you don't actually have to hear me sing this - it's waaaay better to just read it and imagine it being sung by your favorite female singer) :D:D:D


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Happy Birthday, Dean!!! Hope you and Gay enjoy a very special day together! On this day, a very wonderful and wise man was brought into this world....YOU!!!!! I just admire your strength and courage so very much!!!!!

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