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Dad's final biopsy/scan results


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I posted awhile back when we were still in the stages of diagnosis. After one botched biopsy and one correct one and finally a Pet scan they have diagnosed my dad with NSCLC, squamous cell carcinoma Stage I. It is a small nodule and the pet scan showed only one node involvement. They do not believe this is a metastisis from his head and neck cancer 2 years ago ( he had a laryngectomy) but will know definitely after surgery when they can better study the mass. As of right now he is scheduled for a lobectomy at Johns Hopkins on Thursday, August 5th. He had his other surgery there also. If it is not a metastisis and if there is no further node involvement when they get in there the doctor is saying that the lobectomy is all he will need at this time, probably no chemo or radiation. He had radiation after the first surgery. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar diagnosis and or treatment. He is having the smallest lobe of his right lung removed this where the nodule and node are located.



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I have head and neck SCC. I had primary in right tonsil and had a right radical neck disection in 2002. In 2003 I was dxed with SCC on the left side supraclavicular nodes. They believe this also was not from the head and neck SCC. They believe it to be lung cancer but no primary for it has been found. I was treated with both chemo and radiation for that occurance. After that they found a small nodule in my upper left lung apex with came back negative. I would ask them why they feel no need for chemo or rad. SCC i believe is an aggressive cancer and needs to be treated aggressively. Please keep us updated as your Dad seems to be going the same route as me and am curious how his treatment goes.

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I'd like to thank each of you regarding your opinions, I too had heard about chemo after this type of surgery so I will make sure that my dad pursues this with his surgeon. My prayers and thoughts go out to each of you. I will probably be out of touch until after the surgery but will post an update afterwards. To the gentleman, that also had head and neck cancer; your path definitely follows my dad and I will keep in touch!


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