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Update on the Hair


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Hi All,

I cut my hair off and now it touches (barely) my shoulder. I cut over 12 inches off and donated it to Locks of Love. It is now a dark brown and I love it! My hairdresser was soooo excited. I feel liberated and sassy. As soon as I get a digital pic done I'll post it. While I was getting it cut I was thinking of many of you who have lost their hair due to the many rounds of chemo treatment. I hope the hair can help somebody who didn't "choose" to lose the hair. Lot's of love to all the folks who spent a moment to read my silly post!!


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Upon graduating college, my stepdaughter cut her hair. It was to her waist and a beautiful red/blonde. She donated almost two feet of hair, had it cut WAY short, dyed platinum blonde and her dad didn't recognize her!

Way to go.


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I read your other post but chose not to respond because I didnt want to be counted in your decision. Hair is so personal, I think. Anyway I am thrilled you cut it and donated it to locks for love. My Daughter in law did the same and she is more beautiful than ever and has a much more mature look. Everyone just loved it including my son who loves long hair as most men do and really didnt want her to cut it. I can't wait to see your new look!!

God Bless You,


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